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Creator Studio

Creator Studio


Who am I?

I'm a long time Eve Online community member whom some of you may know as T'amber (ingame events, shipsofeve, csm4/5, serious space ship art, FHC), the caldariprimeponyclub (random reddit wallpaper posts, pink ships, tweetfleet, jeremy), the most recent member of Eve_NT, or maybe not at all :3

What's the campaign for?

I'm looking to raise some money for a creative project I've dreamt of making and a lot of you have been asking for: a tool to create animated eve online scenes.

What are the donations for?

100% of donations are to help me spend more time creating eve art and to enable others to do the same, but more easily! Specifically I'm looking to cover a years worth of software subscriptions for my developer and design tools (Adobe CC, WebStorm), basic server costs (Digital Ocean) and to help cover some of my living expenses so I can spend more time focused on developing this tool. Any donations raised over the initial target will enable me to spend more time on the tool and some other backend upgrades.

How long is it going to take?

(UPDATED) Originally this project was planned to be available by end of June/ August (Which obviously has been and gone) but has taken a back burner after getting a new job and there was an unfortunate incident with my dev ssd (partially my fault). The new goal is to have the tool ready for fanfest 2017 - please accept my apologies for those expecting something sooner!


CCP legal has been made aware of this campaign and it complies with their 3rd party developer agreement.