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The Caldari Corporation Cup for Fanfest 2018

Image of The Caldari Corporation Cup for Fanfest 2018

EVE_NT & CCP present for Fanfest 2018
The Caldari Corporation Cup

The Caldari Corporation Cup is a fast-paced knockout tournament located at the Harpa with spaces for up to 96 players. The format of the matches will be roughly based on the popular tournament hosted by EVE_NT at their Nottingham meets. The key differences are that the tournament structure will have a Caldari theme and will be flexible for attendees to sign up and engage with, we will also be moving to a 3v3 format so even more people can get a chance to compete!

We are super excited to announce that the prizes for the winners will be a NVIDIA GTX 1080 Graphics card each for the winners, and a Razer mechanical keyboard each for the second place players. In addition, CCP will be adding PLEX to the prize pool.

The matches will be fast paced 5 minute brawls where participants will choose from a selection of pre-fit ship hulls in the format of one assault frigate, one tactical destroyer and one T1 cruiser from all races. Fittings are available here for those that wish to theorycraft in advance, however the format is very much designed such that you can turn up and play on the day with no preparation. If you wish to go over the rules in fine detail you can find them here.

Participants will be able to register for the tournament when they collect their Fanfest passes by selecting which corporation they wish to support. To be eligible to compete in the Caldari Corporation Cup participants must register their interest at the EVE_NT registration table located where you collect your Fanfest pass. Opening times of the table will be 10:00 - 16:00 on Wednesday 11th April and 10:00-12:00 on Thursday 12th April.

Participants must arrive promptly for the draw of the nominated corporation trials at the correct scheduled time. Twelve pilots will be selected at random from the pool of gathered players to step forward and take part in a short knockout tournament. Any pilots who show up for the draw and are not lucky enough to be drawn may be drawn as a reserve to represent their corporation for the rest of Fanfest and be called upon if necessary.

The winning team of each of these trials will be brought forward to Saturday afternoon to fight for their Corporation in best of 3 knockout tournament, with all the action building to a best of 5 grand final.

The tournament will have live commentary from our EVE_NT casters and will be streamed on the +10Gaming channel. You can follow along with the results of the tournament which will be published here.

See you there!

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