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#EVE_NT has raised £4748.96 for charity to date! This is all thanks to our wonderful sponsors and the amazing EVE Online community!

At the live events we support the UKOTCF organisation and for each event they specifically design a project for the funds to be used for. For more information on UKOTCF please visit their website here. The registered charity number is 1058483. To help raise this money we use loads of goodies we receive from our generous sponsors and raffle them at the end of the afternoon.

At #EVE_NT September 2014 we raised £596.50 for the charity project #BecauseOfFalcon. This money has been used towards a set of nature guides; where to view peregrine falcons and information about their behaviour in the Turks & Caicos and has helped fund a set of guidelines for visitors to a nature sanctuary on Outer Cays on how to view birds, turtles and iguanas without disturbing them.

#EVE_NT 2 raised £850 for the charity project #SafeGuarding and this money helped fund project work in the Turks & Caicos and Montserrat; working closely with local government and non-government organisations.

#EVE_NT 3 managed to get a staggering £1377.46 and the proceeds have been used to enable the production of a booklet to support the local economy and nature on Montserrat. For a digital copy of the book you can download it here.

For #EVE_NT 4 we collected £645 and beefed up the total pot again! Many thanks to our sponsors and the EVE community for showing their generosity.

In Cardiff the generous attendees managed to pool together £230, big thanks to our sponsors Plantronics and CoolerMaster!

During the 2 day event in Nottingham for ~EVE-Nt 5 we collected £1050 boosting the total to £4748.96