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EVE_NT CUP: One Day Left To Register

Image of EVE_NT CUP: One Day Left To Register

With less than a day remaing to get your teams registered, with sign-ups closing on Saturday 7th January for the EVE_NT Cup at midnight. (Yes that soon!) Competition is looking really strong so far with team captains from alliances such as Waffles, Afterlife, VYDRA, Lazerhawks, Bunch of teams from Thera, Gal mil, Cal mil, Snuff, Exodus and more! This open format tournament has attracted all types of teams both seasoned and new. But if you look at this list an worry then fear not, this tournament is designed for you the aspiring tournament player this is a great opportunity to get some experience in the arena.

This will be a brutal single elimination knockout tournament. The top 8 teams will walk away with PLEX and the top six will get an invite to the Minor League of the upcoming Spring season of the EVE_NT Championship.

All you need is 8-15 friends (not necessarily all form the same alliance/corp) who have active Omega accounts. For more info and signup see here -

The tournaments planned date is still a couple of weeks away, so there is plenty of time to prepare. Fill in this form in order to apply. Good luck!

  • Profile picture of Veetor Nara
    Veetor Nara

    Good luck for everyone!

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