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Alliance Tournament XV - Feeder Round - Stats Breakdown

Image of Alliance Tournament XV - Feeder Round - Stats Breakdown

52 matches across 14 hours. 
556 ships destroyed across 105 unique hulls. 
5 hours 33 minutes and 15 seconds of tournament play. 
12 clean sheets, 9 matches went to time. 
572 pilots flew 894 ships. 
At the end of it all, we have 32 teams that have fought for and earned their right to play in the Alliance Tournament. Day 1 saw the following 28 teams secure their place in ATXV each with a single win. 
Asteria Concord.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
It Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don't Shake
Snuffed Out
Ghost Legion.
Solar Fleet
RAZOR Alliance
End of Life
Solyaris Chtonium
Rejection of Sovereignty
Salt Farmers
Red Alliance
Pen Is Out
Blades of Grass (with Demonic Wheat Pineapple)
Fidelas Constans
Requiem Eternal
Hole Control
No Handlebars.
Templis CALSF
Spectre Fleet Alliance
Bright Side of Death
Of Sound Mind
Particular highlights of this first day include the fastest match of the feeders and one of the fastest matches ever played in the AT format. ">A blisteringly quick match between An Alliance Has No Name and Blades of Grass (with Demonic Wheat Pineapple), where An Alliance Has No Name inadvertently warped their tinker on top of a blaster all in from Blades of Grass, worth watching if you have 84 seconds to spare. ">The nail-biter between Red vs Blue and Requiem Eternal, a perfect hull mirror that went to time with the smallest points difference of the day. ">The triumphant display of Logi Frig tactics from Bright Side of Death against Good at this Game and ">domination of WAFFLES. over The Explicit Alliance which included the fastest ship kill of the weekend. 
Moving into the second day the tone and format changed. With an initial 32 tournament berths to distribute we suddenly had 24 teams too many. The solution has been described as everything from The Hell Bracket and The Gauntlet of Doom to the sinister and menacing Day 2. With second round byes in store for the teams with the best total points difference at the end of the first round, it was tightly contested. Red vs Blue and Digital Vendetta, the teams with the best points difference after the first day quickly secured them, with 100 and 99 point clear victories respectively, putting them beyond catching range. Another 2nd round bye appeared as sadly the no-shows that had quietly crept onto the weekend's scorecard lined up on the second day to produce a double forfeit and a hole in the bracket. This was secured by Goonswarm in what has been their most successful AT attempt in a few years. 

Highlights of the feared Day 2 inevitably must include ">this, from the ill-fated Legio Astartes Arcanum, Men with Fancy Hats match. It’s 30 seconds, I can’t do it justice in print. Others included ">a brilliant contest between Shadow Cartel and Spaceship Bebop in the second round, where banning out every single T2 logistics brought out some more exotic compositions. And the ">finals themselves, teams trying everything they could to get into the AT itself, including all ins, huge battleship cores, the abandonment of the Oneiros, the most popular ship of the feeders and many, many drones, even 61 heavies in a single match. 
In the end, neither team with a points difference bye made it into AT XV and our 32 qualifying teams was rounded out with the addition of these 4 Day 2 survivors. 
Shadow Cartel
Rote Kapelle (with Rote Works)
Goonswarm Federation
Unfortunately, my usual statistics breakdown will be a little delayed (though hopefully not as delayed as my last stats blog) as real life commitments have drawn me away from the task at hand. However with 36,400 cells of raw data heaped up and 4918 metrics already calculated (though I’m sure I missed some in the count) you can bet there is a lot to analyse. 
I will round out this update by giving thanks to my glamorous assistant Elinari Rhodan for being an invaluable second pair of eyes in collecting all these data over the weekend and extend my congratulations to Rahne, Elise, Mawderator and Jin’taan who will be the player commentators for the second two weekends of the alliance tournament. To get a taste of what to expect for all of them as well as all the brilliant action from the weekend you can head over to our youtube channel, where you can find all the matches we had the opportunity to cover over the weekend as well as loads more EVEsports action to sate your appetite until ATXV. The tournament itself will kick off on the 29th of July, for 4 weekends, with two weekends of coverage from the EVE_NT team, join us on Twitch or even at the studio before we hand over to EVE TV in Iceland for the final two weekends of action. 

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