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Eve Fanfest 2017 - Eve Valkyrie Roadmap Roundtable

Image of Eve Fanfest 2017 - Eve Valkyrie Roadmap Roundtable

Eve Valkyrie has now been out for a little over a year and at Fanfest this year we were shown what's on the cards for the coming year.

CCP Roo did a presentation during Fanfest, rounding up everything that the Newcastle team has achieved since Valkyries launch last year. And while quite numerous in their achievements, the game still has long ways to come yet. We were given a roadmap as to the direction the team wants to take the game in the coming year, which also generated quite a lot of excitement.

While there was a small amount of Q&A time at the end of CCP Roo’s presentation, most questions were held back until we all sat down together for a roundtable session in a more informal and relaxed environment.

I was in attendance for this session and managed to get video/audio recording of the session.

I did have a bit of difficulty with recording this year, but I did record the audio separately, so there was no loss of content covered. In addition, I got a lot of complaints about the audio recording being too quiet last year, so the sounds have been somewhat levelled out this year. It does also mean that you get to experience how loud the keys are on CCP Redcapes mechanical keyboard!

Hope you enjoy!

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