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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 - Major League Week 3

Image of EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 - Major League Week 3

Two weeks down and two to go for the Major League teams; The Other Team held the top spot as the evening began, with Clevergirls and The Charlatans hot on their heels and looking for more points.


Phalanx vs Team Pretty

A cautious start for both teams, neither wanting to make the first move until the opportune moment. The battle for position continued through the first half of the match, with the Apocalypse of Phalanx losing shields while the Armageddon’s armour yo-yo’d between half and full under reps. As the teams finally converged, Phalanx’s Osprey would be the first victim to fall, followed by their Thrasher. WIth the Augoror and Rifter in low armour, Team Pretty were far from sitting pretty- though trading their Rifter for a Hurricane seemed to be a good deal. Their Augoror finally gave up the fight, and the death of the Algos left bother teams with 2 ships on the field. The battleship-battlecruiser pairing of Team Pretty proved too much for the Phalanx team, closing in and pushing both the Vigil and Apocalypse out of the arena boundary for a win.

ProviShotZ vs Volta

A few early-game brawls between the frigates saw ProviShotZ take the worst of the damage, allowing Volta to pick up first blood on a Dragoon. ProviShotZ seemed determined to dispatch Volta’s Drake, breaking through the last of its armour and shields as their own Oracle and Augoror dropped into low armour. Volta’s Osprey was the next to fall, and after a couple of minutes of failing to break through Augoror repairs the Volta team decided enough was enough. Boundary violations from their Merlin and Talwar followed by the death of the Rokh gave ProviShotZ a much-needed first win and some points on the board.

Team Johnny vs The Charlatans

Some interesting picks from The Charlatans, bringing out the Crucifier, Catalyst, and Rupture for the first time this season- as well as choosing to keep the Maelstrom, chosen at random thanks to a connection issue with the banning tool. Team Johnny made short work of the Crucifier while barely taking a scratch, moving on to the Catalyst and taking it down before focusing on the Maelstrom. With jams still landing on The Charlatans from the Team Johnny Griffin, there was still very little damage making it through to the Team Johnny battleship as the Charlatan’s Maelstrom was the next to fall. The Myrmidon and Rupture couldn’t stand up to the power of the Hyperion and Hurricane combo, giving Team Johnny a domination victory.

Team Pretty vs The Other Team

Team Pretty’s Oracle dipped into armour quickly as The Other Team focused on it as the match began, then splitting damage between the Oracle and Algos to put even more pressure on the Augoror. Both ships exploded within seconds of each other, while Team Pretty’s remaining ships kept trying to break through the Osprey. Caught by the Thrasher, The Other Team picked up another swift kill on a Slasher before turning on the Abaddon. The Other Team’s Osprey held on in around half structure, repairing shields and fighting off the damage from the Team Pretty battleship. As the whole team descended on the Abaddon, Team Pretty just could not take anything down in trade, leaving just their Augoror to await their own explosion. With no teammates to repair, true logi-bro nature was shown as the Augoror turned his reppers on The Other Team’s Osprey before finally dropping.

Clevergirls vs Volta

Volta managed to apply some early tackle on Clevergirls’ Tempest, while burning down the Bantam with very little resistance. With no logistics ship on grid, Clevergirls’ Tornado was the next victim of Volta fire, followed swiftly by their Cormorant. A full team versus a Tempest and Caracal seemed like a tall order, but Clevergirls continued to work on the Slasher, trying to out-damage the repairs coming from the Osprey. As the Caracal fell to drones and focused fire, the Tempest was also not long for this world with Volta’s Dominix dropped Garde drones for maximum damage. The third domination victory of the evening went to Volta.


Phalanx vs ProviShotZ

Frigates from both teams burned across the arena, trying to catch optimal targets as the Drake of Phalanx and Augoror of ProviShotZ took the brunt of the damage. Despite their Scythe, the Drake would be the first to fall, Phalanx picking up some trade in the form of the Slasher to at least deny a domination win. ProviShotZ’ Algos and Augoror were next to be targeted, both dropping into armour but surviving as their team finished off Phalanx’s Tempest. Just the smaller support ships left, ProviShotZ were able to rep up nicely as they picked off first the Scythe, then the Talwar, before ending the match with a kill on the Merlin. A second win of the day for ProviShotz, keeping ProviShotz off the bottom spot but still far from safety.

Clevergirls vs The Other Team

The Prophecy and Dragoon were the opening targets for Clevergirls, but the mostly focused fire of the The Other Team would secure them first blood as the Thrasher was the first to fall. With three of their ships bleeding into armour, The Other Team seemed determined to pick off the logistics of their opponents next, dropping the Osprey and moving swiftly on to the Merlin. Clevergirls were struggling to apply enough damage through Exequror reps, still trying to break the Prophecy and take links off the field, finally succeeding as their own battlecruiser was the next explosion. Just a Tempest and Merlin left for Clevergirls against 4 of The Other Team, both holding on admirably but unable to pick up any more kills. The Other Team remain undefeated, 6 straight wins securing them first place in the league.


While the top spot may be decided, there is still the threat of relegation to those teams still trying to claw their way up the standings. Just one more week of matches left to go, there are big chances for last-minute upsets and turn-arounds!

A full rundown of the match results and points scored is available over on our Arena site, along with information on the rules and ship fittings of this season’s Championship.

Next weekend sees the finals of the Minor League teams - join us on Twitch on March 19th to see who will come out on top and join the ranks of the Major League, along with special guest commentators from CCP!

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