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CSM12 Candidate: Raphendyr Nardieu

Image of CSM12 Candidate: Raphendyr Nardieu

1. Please start by giving us a short introduction to who you are and your history within EVE Online. Include how long you have been playing and the groups you have been involved with.

My name is Raphendyr Nardieu and I'm Diplomat of Suddenly Content alliance. I tried EVE first time around 2008 and few times after that. I eventually stayed from start of 2015. This last time I found the social aspect of EVE and Finnish player community. From there I have been part of few Finnish based corporations and found my way to Unpublished Chapter, a small wormhole corporation. Some time back I was also part of Fistful of Finns where I got introduction to life of null.


2. Who would you consider to be your key constituents? Who would you best represent within the playerbase?

Definitely players that live in wormholes, are part of small corporations or are part of language based corporations or communities.


3. Please summarise your platform. (Preferably using key bullet points)

  • My personality about problems: I have really high motivation to understand and analyse problems and mechanics
  • Find ways to make it easier to find others to play with
  • EVE should be easy to understand, but hard to master
  • Problems are rarely simple and we need better analysis and conversation so we can find solutions


4. Why have you decided to run for CSM this year?

I considered running already last year, but I wanted more experience from different areas of the game. I’m now confident that I know enough for this job.


5. Have you run for or been a member of CSM in the past? If so please list each year and if you were elected.



6. What makes you a unique representative when you compare yourself to other candidates?

I hope people can see the way I work is different from most candidates. I’m not directly running simple agendas as doing so would inevitably be false promises. I have understood that CSM is not a group of people to decide what CCP does or does not. Instead the purpose of CSM is to provide CCP with an aggregated view of the playerbase. I hope people can see that I think about problems in a wide context and that my way of doing things is beneficial for them as well.


7. Do you have any out of game experience and skills that make you a good candidate?

My real life skills would be best presented if you would know me. I’m good at listening and at talking about things from different points of view. I like to ball around ideas and see how those would work and what would be the problems and end results. As a software developer I have intuition on  how complex or simple some ideas would be to implement. Therefore, my CSM activity would be more practical and fruitful as a result.


8. What areas of EVE are you weakest at knowledge wise?

Capitals and specially capital combat in null sec. Luckily there is lot of candidates that can fill that role.


9. If you were offered unlimited development time - what's the biggest change you would lobby for in EVE?

Rework of item storage. Basically the system that restricts all interesting hangars (e.g. alliance and access list hangars). It’s basically the foundation for everything in EVE.


10. If you could wind back the clock - what feature or change would you remove from EVE?

I don’t think there are any change that would be so bad that it would need reverting. For sure there are a lot of aspects that need tuning and continued development. For example the aegis sov system was a change to correct direction while it clearly isn’t complete or perfect solution as is.


11. If you could pick one candidate to be elected with you who would they be and why?

Noobman as I think he has done great job organizing townhalls and representing wormholes. He also has knowledge about capitals that I don’t. Also as representatives of bit different areas of wormholes we can keep each other in check such that we don’t represent only our friends.


12. What is your favorite memory in EVE and why?

I have a lot of good memories. I think I’m most fond of those memories where we have had a fight that we lost, but for the duration of the fight we did really well. I also think an important thing that make them good memories is that I have learned something from them.


13. What platform(s) do you use currently to engage with the wider player base? If someone wanted to contact you what is the best way to do this? (Include Twitter/Emails/Skype/Slack etc.)

I’m most active in Reddit as /u/raphendyr . I’m also talking in as @raphendyr . I recently joined Discord  to keep in touch with people as @raphendyr#2538 .

Of course one can send fan mail in game or to if other means are not possible. I personally prefer to chat so both sides can present their views well.


14. If people wanted to find out more about your platform - where is the best place to do so? (Include blogs, forums posts and podcasts)

People should check my post on official forums.


15. What is your closing statement (no more than 500 words please!)

It is my opinion that everyone in EVE deserves a voice. No one pilot can understand all aspects of EVE on a very fundamental level. Therefore, I see it as the duty of a CSM member to contact the people affected by the mechanics and phenomenon under discussion for thorough analysis of the down-to-earth aspects of EVE. My philosophy, in EVE and outside, embodies this as I see the fine art of diplomacy and discussion as a necessity for bettering complex societies. There are not many things worse than ignorant decision makers or advisors.

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