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February Player Meet Ups And Gatherings

Image of February Player Meet Ups And Gatherings

Toronto Monthly Meetup (Saturday 4th @ 1230)
Everyone is blue! Please confirm your attendance (in one place only!) at least 48 hours before the event starts so we can book a reservation with the proper numbers. The venue thanks you :) Pay for your own food and drink. Don't drink and drive! Hosted by - Contact Mai Khumm in-game.
Facebook group and Eve Online forum thread.
Amsterdam Brewhouse 245 Queens Quay West, Toronto, M5J 2K9, Canada


Perth Kings Park BBQ (Saturday 4th @ 1700)
Calling all you Perth residents and surrounds who love Eve Online (or you can hate the game too, we all love our bitter vets) we are having a BBQ in Kings Park at the Saw Avenue BBQ area near the variety Pavilion (see here: ). We have a permit for alcohol so feel free to bring a few beers and celebrate the summer in Perth and Eve Online. Bring your preferred beverages, pack some snags for cooking and let's have a great BBQ. For those on public transport, the 103 bus stops right on the corner of Thomas St and Saw Ave.
Eve Meet Link 
Variety Pavilion, Kings Park, Saw Avenue, Perth WA, Austrailia


Melbourne Meetup (Saturday 4th @ 1730)
Hello Spacefriends! It is time to unite, to hunt the rare, and tasty green bellied tinfish, and what way to kick off the 2017 EVE Down Under Pub Meetup Season.  Last time we had bulk PAXBros from TICKLE/PL/N3/CFC/Wormholes/High-Sec/Lowsec/Noobies... Pretty much almost everyone worth hunting the green bellied tinfish with....almost! What were we missing? All of our space brothers who were unable to attend. This time is going to be bigger, better, faster, stronger...
Q: For all of the people who are unsure about whether they should attend or not?  A: What could possibly be more fun than hanging out with your fellow space fairing friends/enemies
Q: I don't know anyone? A: You say something like 'Hi, My name is Nick/Otto, I am a space nerd from PL, I'm an engineer IRL. What's your name?' Congratulations you now know someone!
Q: I don't drink beer? A: That's cool buddy, come smash down some cokes/dinner/water/gatorate/protein shake and they actually do some fully sick food as well!
Q: What do you guys talk about at one of these things? A: Dunno but it extends further than just spaceships... I ended up talking about my job for a bit, listening to other people for a bit, giving out ideas, tips, suggestions... Also when someone rocks up with a funky looking beer, everyone must have it, so that's always a talking point... What are you drinking?
Q: Is this a PL scam to steal my lunch money IRL? A: No. I wouldn't scam on my main, that just silly.
Eve Meet Link
The Boatbuilders Yard, 23 South Wharf Promenade South Wharf, VIC 3006, Australia


San Francisco Area Monthly Meetup (Saturday 4th @ 1700)
Hosted by Eve Protection Agency - Contact Ozay Yellow in-game. Eve Online forum thread
Peters Cafe, 10 El Camino Real, Millbrae, California 94030, United States


Edmonton Meetup (Saturday 11th @ 1900)
Hosted by ALTA Industries (Contact Katherine Raven) Everyone is welcome! Facebook Group and Eve Online forum Thread.
Craft Beer Market, 104 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6E, 8223, Canada


San Diego Area Monthly Meetup (Thursday 16th @ 1800)
Hosted by Hard Knocks Corp (Contact Zettia), Eve Online forum thread.
Kaminski’s BBQ & Sports Grill, 12735 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064, USA


Madison WI Monthly Imperium Bender (Thursday 16th @ 2000, second bar @ 2230)
Hosted by GoonWaffe - This is now explicitly an Imperium Event; Third Thursdays every month, 8pm at the Atomic Koi. The public is welcome to join if you’re interested in seeing how we roll.  Eve Online forum thread.
The Atomic Koi Cocktail Bar, 2685 Research Park Dr, Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53711, United States


EVE_NT London (Saturday 18th @ 1100)
More info on this on our recent article


Eve Stammtich in Stuttgart (Saturday 18th @ 1800)
Hosted by Stromberg Erze GmbH (Contact Rudi Gaterau) Nächster Eve-Stammtisch in Stuttgart im Schlesinger am 18.02.2017 um 18:00 Uhr. Um besser planen zu koennen waere es super Euch kurz im Forum zu melden :D
Eve Online forum link and Eve Meet link
Schlesinger, Schloßstraße 28, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany


Minnesota Meet Up part 1 (Friday 24th @ 1600)
For you Minnesotans that have waited patiently while the rest of the world has Eve Meets, wait no more... We will be hosting an Eve Meetup hosted by Random McNally, Aaron Ivy and whatever other suckers we can hornswoggle into this!  Meet up will start 4pm Friday evening... New Bohemia has LOTS of beer selection and a variety of brats and sausage. Plus, bench seats to fit LOTS of nerds before moving on to The Volstead House! Whiskey joint in the vein of an old speakeasy. Not cheap, but classy! Eve Meet Link.
New Bohemia, 1278 Town Center Drive, Suite 195, Eagan, Minnesota 55123, United States
The Volstead House, 1278 Lone Oak Rd, St Paul, Minnesota 55121, United States


Minnesota Meet Up part 2 (Saturday 25th @ 1100)
For the best damn BBQ in Minnesota. NO alcohol, but awesome food! Mall of America (MOA) High Sec Ganking Roam! Let's generate some content! Then on to the Mall of America for exploration, ganking and drinking. There are a LOT of activities at the mall and a fair few bars. We'll move around and hang at wherever we feel comfortable!  Then on Saturday, starting at 11ish (Or when the hangover subsides enough) Eve Meet Link
Rack  Shack BBQ - Burnsville, 2925 Cliff Rd E, Minnesota 55337, United States


Houston, Texas Monthly Meetup (Saturday 25th @ 2000)
Hosted by Bella Rugente, We meet monthly on the last Saturday of the month, to drink and talk about EVE. Sometimes there's food. Always nice to have new pilots show up. Check out the picture above right taken in Nov. 2015. Eve Online forum thread.
Kings Head Pub1809 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, Texas, United States

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