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EVE University - This Weeks Classes

Image of EVE University - This Weeks Classes

This is a preliminary overview of University classes scheduled for the week of Monday, 30 January. All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the lecturer and/or teaching staff. All times are specified in EVE time. All classes are open to the public unless specified otherwise.

Monday, 30 January
04:00 - [CLASS] How to make ISKs
Join Budda Serada on a fleet designed with the purpose of having fun, looking for PvP in WHs, and making ISK while the scouts look for PvP targets.

20:00 - [CLASS] Amarr Ships 101
This class provides an overview of all Tech I Amarr spacecraft, with guidelines for how to fly them well. This course is designed for all aspiring Amarr ship pilots, and for those who simply wish to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of the most common Amarr vessels.

Wednesday, 01 February
04:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics
Weekly Game Mechanics Q&A session.

Thursday, 02 February
00:00 - [CLASS] Intro to Station Trading
Learn what station trading is, where it fits in the New Eden economy, and the basics on how to make your first trades.

19:00 - [CLASS] Jump Clones 101
Over the hour or so, Dunar Dolorgeit is going to cover the basics of what jump clones are, what they're useful for, and how to use them (or not) to your advantage.

Sunday, 05 February
20:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics
Weekly Game Mechanics Q&A session.

That's all as far as the current schedule goes. As always, all classes can also be found on the EVE University calendar. For information on how to join EVE University, please see Applying to EVE University. If you wish to contribute to the University by hosting classes of your own, please see Joining the Faculty.

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