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EVE_NT Cup Draw Results and Schedule!

Image of EVE_NT Cup Draw Results and Schedule!

The inaugural EVE_NT Cup kicks off this weekend, with two days of intense PVP action planned as 27 teams battle it out for glory, for PLEX, and one of 7 spots in the Minor League for the Spring season of the EVE_NT Championship.

The draw for the brackets was made live on Twitch last night by our host Apothne; you can watch it back here for a little additional info on the teams’ backgrounds from Bei Artjay. For a full view of the brackets, head over to our brand new EVE Arena site for more details on who will be be facing off against who over this weekend. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 21st
EVE_NT Cup Saturday 21 Jan 2017

Sunday 22nd
EVE_NT Cup Sunday 22 Jan 2017

The EVE_NT Cup is a single elimination tournament played over 2 days on the Thunderdome server. Each team has one shot in a 10-minute match, with the winner moving on to the next round and the loser heading home. As with the EVE_NT Championship, all ships come pre-fitted and teams go through a pick and ban phase to decide which frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser, and battleship they will field.

This tournament will feature both well-known names and some fresh-faced competitors; from wormholers to faction warfare pilots, Spectre Fleet to Exodus, there should be explosions aplenty this weekend live on EVE_NT Twitch!

Final bracket times and results will be posted on the Arena pages, but the first match of the Cup will see the Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters go up against Templis, as Make Amarr Great Again get ready to take on Easy Coupons.

Five lucky teams drew a buy straight into the second round, so have a little extra time to scope out the competition:

  • Salt ‘n’ Bitter
  • Spectre Fleet
  • Stream Team Dream
  • CoupBois

So join us on Saturday January 21st at 5pm UTC over on Twitch to watch live, check the Arena pages for all the info and results as they happen, and cheer on your favourite team as they engage in glorious spaceship combat!

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