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Australia starts 2017 with four EVE Meets!

Image of Australia starts 2017 with four EVE Meets!

While the northern hemisphere huddle round their computers for warmth, those who live in the southern hemisphere are basking in the glory of summer. Especially the Australians who are undoubtedly one of the most active when it comes to EVE Player gatherings. The Aussies held a meet somewhere within its boarders almost every single month of 2016. Despite this it looks like the land down under intends to kick off 2017 with a bang having with four player meets between the 21st of January and the 4th of February in four different cities!


Brisbane – Saturday, 21st January @ The Buffalo Bar on Mary Street from 6pm
Yet another Brisbane meetup, time to celebrate yet another year gone and another year of EVE. Come out and have some drinks with your fellow nerds, new comers and regulars alike. Basically its just a pub meetup where we all come drink and eat bar food. Last meetup had about 35 people and they expect to do better!


Adelaide – Friday, 3rd February @ Belgian Beer Cafe on Ebenezer Place from 6pm
Get down and meet up with fellow Adelaid EVE fans as the to share your tales of victory and/or defeat over some European style food and Beer. You definately wont be stuck for choice on what to drink becuase the Belgian Beer Cafe bosts over 800 different verities to choose from! Will it satisfy the varatious Australian EVE nerds thirst? There is only one way to find out and thats by being there.


Perth – Saturday, 4th February @ King’s Park Botanic Gardens off Saw Avenue from 5pm
The Perth residents and surrounds who love Eve Online (or you can hate the game, they love our bitter vets too) are having a BBQ in Kings Park at the Saw Avenue BBQ area near the variety Pavilion (see here: We have a permit for alcohol so feel free to bring a few beers and celebrate the summer in Perth and Eve Online. Bring your preferred beverages, pack some snags for cooking and lets have a great BBQ. For those on public transport the 103 bus stops right on the corner of Thomas St and Saw Ave.


Melbourne – Saturday, 4th February @ The Boatbuilders Yard at South Wharf from 7.30pm
Apparently the organisers of this one intend to hunt rare and tasty green bellied tinfish.. whatever that might be, presumably something to do with beer? Go check out this fantastic looking venue in the heart of cosmopolitan Australia.

Get along if there’s one happening near you! You can keep track of these and future player gatherings at the events section of the EVE Down Under Facebook page and of course EVE Meet and there is a reddit thread for these meet-ups where others are talking about it.

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