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EVE_NT Championship - Major League Finals

Image of EVE_NT Championship - Major League Finals

A close struggle between first and second place as we entered the final day of the Major League of EVE_NT Championship- but there was still time for potential upsets and dramatic turn-arounds as the teams met in the arena once again for spaceship combat.
" target="_blank">Team Footwork vs V0LTA

Early match pressure on the Exequror of V0LTA and the Hurricane of Team Footwork did not go Footwork's way, as their Hurricane, Caracal, and Talwar were taken out before the Exequror finally bit the dust. With their Vigil following swiftly behind, there was very little Footwork's Apocalypse could do against the four almost unscathed ships of V0LTA. A swift win, with only 3 minutes of match time gone.
" target="_blank">The Other Team vs Rep Cartel MkII

The Other Team's spread-out warp-in choices seemed to fare well against the grouped-up Rep Cartel team, seeing them able to get damage straight on to the Algos as the rest of his team repositioned. The Algos would give up first blood to The Other Team as the rest of his team were finally able to break through the local reps of the Other Team Osprey, and making short work of their Corax after that. Other Team eventually got the logi trade they wanted, leaving a 3-v-3 of battleship, battlecruiser. and frigate on each side. As Rep Cartel picked on the Tempest, Other Team took out the Oracle before turning their guns on the Dominix. With the Dominix's tank holding, the Punisher was a softer target to take down as Other Team's Tempest started to dip into structure. As the Minmatar battleship eventually fell, it would be hard work for the Drake and Merlin to take the Dominix down so settled for trying to destroy drones- despite best efforts, the Drake fell to drone damage, leaving his Merlin teammate to do or die before giving the win to Rep Cartel.
" target="_blank">Team Johnny vs Team Footwork

Team Footwork's Augoror took heavy damage straight off the bat, and seemed to turn and run away from the danger zone and almost to the edge of the arena. Her Punisher teammate was less fortunate, as the damage from Team Johnny turned onto the frigate and took first kill of the match. The Augoror finally went down in a slow trade for Team Johnny's Tempest, with the last logi ship being the next primary for Team Footwork. There were a lot of ships in danger at this point - the Algos and Harbinger of Footwork as well as the Drake of Team Johnny. It would be Algos, then Drake, while the Harbinger managed to hold on in low structure long enough to help take down the Talwar and score a much-needed victory for Team Footwork.
">V0LTA vs Team Pretty

With these teams currently at third and fourth place, both were vying for a win and a shot at taking 2nd place if the last match of the day went in their favour. Team Pretty's Hyperion charged in towards Team Pretty's Harbinger, succeeding in chasing and locking it down to allow his team to make short work of it. Full damage switch onto the Punisher then the Algos, V0LTA taking out 3 ships within 3 minutes. The battle to kill a logi ship followed, with V0LTA's Scythe hitting structure before his team could finish off the Augoror of Team Pretty. With a full team up against him there was nothing Team Pretty's Dominix could do to avoid his fate, as V0LTA picked up their third win of the tournament.
">The Other Team vs Team Johnny

The Other Team appeared almost unscathed as both teams charged in at the start of the match. Team Johnny's Dragoon seemed to melt under the incoming fire as his team tried to work on Other Team's Osprey, as Other Team's efforts were split between the Prophecy and Punisher. With the Osprey down there was nothing to save his Merlin teammate, while Team Johnny's Exequror was unable to keep on top of the damage to their Prophecy. Other Team managed to get hold of the Abaddon as their own Corax started to get low into armour in a showdown with Team Johnny's Punisher, though it would be the Punisher that would fall first. There was only a single point in it as the Hyperion and Drake of Other Team continued to barrage the Abaddon of Team Johnny, the Exequror doing all he could to keep the battleship alive but unable to mitigate the overwhelming damage. The Exequror ran for what was left of his life, falling just before the final minute of the match stated. A victory for The Other Team, securing their place as winners of the Major League and this seasons overall EVE_NT Champions!

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