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New Player Experience Round Table

Image of New Player Experience Round Table

Today Jin'taan, member of the Council of Stellar Management announced on the EVE-Online forums that the CSM is to run a New Player Experience Round Table.


Hello Capsuleers!

As you are probably aware, the past few weeks have seen the deployment and development of the Inception NPE. As such, I?m looking to acquire some more structured feedback from the communities who have the most interaction with people fresh out of the tutorial; to bring points to CCP at the Winter Summit that I hope will help to further guide and shape the NPE in the right direction. As such, if you run an organisation that accepts newer players fresh out of the NPE, regardless of the space you operate in, the activities you deal with, or the size of your group, or even if you don't primarily focus on newer players, we really want to hear from you.

The primary thrust of this will be a voice session on Discord on January the 7th in 2017 (Time to be decided, but likely 20:00/21:00 start), where we will be able to discuss and dig into aspects of the NPE that you feel are lacking, could be changed, or added to (as well as what you feel it did well) in more detail, with the aims of identifying what changes would affect the most players positively and providing constructive feedback to Team Genesis.

However, as I recognise that not all organisations will be able attend this, and I don't want the scale of this feedback to be limited by such constraints, I'd like to ask people to fill out a quick questionnaire that I hope will help to highlight the key areas that affect your group, and post them in this thread. To help make it easier, I've thrown example answers into it, but feel free to go into as much detail as you want.


Organisation Name: [John Smith's Newbro Emporium]
Organisation Size: [Roughly 30~]
Organisation Goal: [Mining/Industry]
Area of Operation: [Lowsec]

What is the most common question new players ask?
[How do I find better ores?]

What mechanical misunderstandings (if any) do you see new players make?
[They do not understand that Ventures mine more than Thrashers]

What Topics aren't covered in the current NPE that you think could be?
[BPO research/copying]

What areas of the NPE do you feel don't adequately cover the topic (if any)?
[None that I can think of]

What are main problem areas for new players in the new NPE?
[They can't find their way to the rally point]

What are 3 main ?careers? new players undertake in EVE? (i.e. what gameplay feature do they use the most)
[I see most players gravitating towards FW, Hisec Missioning & Nullsec PvP. I try and provide a different experience though!]

Any other thoughts?
[I wish new players would have 2-3 different overviews to introduce them to overview settings, as they currently don't utilise them well. Say, 1 general, 1 for mining, 1 for travel to get them started.]

You can read more about this and sign upon the EVE Online forums here

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