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Announcing the EVE_NT Cup!

Image of Announcing the EVE_NT Cup!

Hi eveSports fans!
Have you been an EVE_NT Championship spectator and felt you could do just as well as those teams? Fancy a hand at being a team captain yourself? Well we have the opportunity for you! We would like to announce the first EVE_NT Cup! 
EVE_NT Cup will run on the weekend of January 21-22nd 2017. This will be a first-come first serve cup with a maximum of 64 places which will determine which teams will be offered spots in our EVE_NT Championship Minor league.
To apply you will need to register a minimum of 8 players, maximum of 15. Each player must have an active TQ omega account and cannot have signed up for another team in the Championship (CCP will verify). To enter the EVE_NT Cup team captains must pay a deposit of 3 plex (to ensure attendance) plus an additional two (so 5 in total) which will be used as prizes for the top teams. The top 6 teams of the Cup will be offered a place in the Minor League season, so as well as making yourself available for the cup you must also have the following dates clear in your calendar - Feb 5th, Feb 19th, March 5th & March 19th.
The prizes for the Cup will be determined by the size of the prize pool, the current plan is to award prizes to the top 8 teams. Rules and fittings for the cup will be the same as rules for Season 2 of the Championship and announced no later than one week before the tournament (the format will be very similar).
To sign up to the EVE_NT Cup fill out this form here.
Deadline for sign-ups is the January 7th. You do not need to pay the deposit until instructed.

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