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EVE_NT Championship - Major League Day 2

Image of EVE_NT Championship - Major League Day 2

This season's Major League teams returned for a second day of honourable spaceship combat- would any of the teams be able to oust The Other Team from their top spot, and would this be a prime chance for Team Pretty and Team Footwork to score some wins?
" target="_blank">V0LTA vs Team Johnny

The opening game of cat and mouse started slightly in V0LTA's favour as they made short work of the shields of Team Johnny's frigate and destroyer. While damage seemed to be switching between the Team Johnny ships, the Scythe of V0LTA was the clear primary for the armour team. With one logi down and the other completely unscathed, Team Johnny got a valuable trade as their Coercer died just moments before the Typhoon of V0LTA. The remaining ships of the V0LTA team just couldn't break through any of their opponents, evading for as long as they could before finally losing their Hurricane. With just a Vigil and Talwar left, V0LTA acknowledged the win with a pair of boundary violations to finish the match. First victory of the day went to Team Johnny.
" target="_blank">Team Footwork vs Team Pretty

'Kill the healer' plays were in full effect as Team Pretty wasted no time in primarying the Exequror of Team Footwork captain Lady Arrien. swiftly picking up first blood. It was a short lived success as both the Caracal and Corax of Team Pretty were focused and quickly dispatched in return. Ships dropped left and right as Team Pretty's Naga was the next to fall, managing to get the Dominix of Footwork into low armour and allowing his teammates to finish the job. It was Hyperion and Vigil versus Oracle, Algos, and Punisher with 7 minutes still to play. but the Team Pretty Vigil seemed to stray too close to danger and was taken out. Team Pretty team captain Cyric's was last man standing- and proceeded to take down first the Oracle, then the Algos, and finally the Punisher, his local rep being used brilliantly to keep himself in it and earn Team Pretty the win.
" target="_blank">Rep Cartel MkII vs Team Johnny

Sentry drones and armour maintenance bots were the order of the day for the showdown of Rep Cartel and Team Johnny. Positioning and re-positioning saw both teams slowly working away at the logistics ships, both of them falling within seconds of each other. The Algos and Tristan of Rep Cartel were also not long for this world, Team Johnny swooping in to take them out as they lingered a little too close. Team Johnny's Drake put up a strong fight before falling, while the Myrmidon of Rep Cartel just couldn't hold out long enough to break the Tempest shields. A mostly untouched Dominix was the last of the Rep Cartel team, continuing to work on the Tempest and take him into structure. Shield booster charges bought the Tempest more time, long enough for the 3 remaining members of Team Johnny to break through the armour and finally structure of the Dominix, closing the match with barely a minute and a half left and claiming themselves a win over Rep Cartel.
" target="_blank">V0LTA vs The Other Team

First blood to V0lTA as the Punisher of The Other Team came under heavy early-match fire, while V0LTA seemed mostly unconcerned with the initial damage on their Drake and Osprey. A sneaky play around the arena from the Armageddon of Other Team brought down V0LTA's Vigil in short order, with both teams trying to focus down the battlecruisers of their opponents. It was Other Team's Harbinger that broke first, V0LTA's Osprey working hard to keep the Drake alive. The Other Team capitalised on the opportunity and switched damage to the Osprey, not even a last-minute shield booster recharge able to keep him alive. As time started to run short, the luck of V0LTA's Drake finally ran out, and would be the last ship to die as the match ran to time. With 3 ships and 8 points to just 2 ships and 5 points of V0LTA, The Other Team would pick up the win in their only match of the day.
" target="_blank">Team Pretty vs Rep Cartel MkII

Rep Cartel meant business as they put all their damage onto the Harbinger of Team Pretty as their first target. An interesting choice of target given the Augoror on the field, but a hard switch to the Algos scored Rep Cartel first blood before seeing a switch back to the armour battlecruiser. Team Pretty took their opponents' Hurricane into structure and down as their Harbinger continued to fall, but were still able to take Rep Cartel's Apocalypse into armour and dispatch the Talwar without a second death on their side. Things went from bad to worse for Rep Cartel as their Apocalypse fell before the laser-toting Team Pretty, their Vigil following suit shortly afterwards. Despite both the Punisher and Harbinger of Team Pretty sitting with armour damage, the last valiant attempts of Rep Cartel's Caracal were short lived; a second loss of the day for Rep Cartel, and a second win of the day for Team Pretty.
At the end of day 2 of Major League action, The Other Team narrowly keep their lead with just a single point separating them from Team Johnny, while V0LTA slip down to 4th place behind Team Pretty. Sunday 11th will be the decider to see who is crowned winner, and which teams will see themselves relegated down to the minor league for next season.

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