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The Trillionaire Christmas Popper explodes this Saturday!

Image of The Trillionaire Christmas Popper explodes this Saturday!

On Saturday the 3.12.2016 at 2100 game time, for the last time, on behalf of we will blow up multiple carriers and give away 4.000 newbro friendly fitted Destroyers and we are inviting you all to come along! It will also be streamed on the EVE_NT_TV twitch channel!
You can find more details to the event and add your face here but in short a few of the questions that will no doubt be asked, here is a couple of answers:
- If you come in large groups - "Trillionaire" can give out the CEO to a corp / alliance multiple ships to reduce the waiting time
- If you want ships, simply join the ingame channel "" and x up with what ship you want.
- Event location is: Ishomilken IX - Moon 4 - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant
Q: How much does it cost ?
A: The Destroyers will be given away for free.
Q: Can i switch modules on the fitting?
A: Sure. but we will only provide T1 Fitts on the ships. if you want something differend you have to take care of it
Q: Are there any rules?
A: No, no rules, we can't enforce them anyways. Maybe podding newbeans will make you a primary though
( also means less kills /hour for you )
Q: Can i bring my own ship ?

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