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EVE_NT Fall Championship Tonight @ 1945 UTC (Minor League Week 2)

Image of EVE_NT Fall Championship Tonight @ 1945 UTC (Minor League Week 2)

TLDR: PVP Tournament ran by EVE_NT. English Stream here, Russian language stream here
Tonight marks the mid-season matches for the EVE_NT Fall Championship Minor League. For those that missed the first week of matches you can catch them all here on our YouTube page.
The current standings for the Minor League are as follows:

TeamLeague Points
Burnt Out3
MeMe Team0
The Charlatans0

For those that are a bit confused about what this all is, The EVE_NT Fall Championship is a 5v5 PVP Tournament ran by the player group EVE_NT with matches happening every Sunday until December 11th (except for Nov. 27th due to American Thanksgiving). Teams will be battling it out for the ultra rare IGC Apocalypse skins, as well as bragging rights as the Fall Championship winners. For a full breakdown of the tournament schedule, you can visit our page here. Teams in the Minor League also have the opportunity to potentially perform well enough to be invited into the Major League during the Spring Championship as well. The matches will feature commentary from the likes of Elise Randolph, Chessur, Suitonia, and more.
Tonight's stream will begin at 1945 UTC (EVE) over on the EVE_NT Twitch channel. If you'd prefer Russian commentating we also have with Odris Meza, Shinah Myst, and Lussy Lou providing the commentary.
As mentioned tonight's matches are in the Minor League, and are as follows:

Team ATeam B
MeMe TeamProvi-Shotz
CleverGirlsThe Charlatans
PhalanxBurnt Out

Here is a quick bio for each team. You can also find the full team roster on the EVE_NT website here.

PhalanxPhalanx are a team of 'thera bois? form the corp Bikini Bottom Ultras. Their CEO is linked to HYDRA and their small-gang corp is all about PVP and roam pretty often. We hope they do well and bring some new faces to the EVE_NT tourney scene.
CleverGirlsWinners of Fight Club in early 2016, CleverGirls are arguably the team with the most experience in this format coming into The Championship. Unfortunately due to an administration technicality they missed out on their Major League spot, so are placed in the Minor League. Predominantly they are members of Pandemic Horde captained by Catatonic Dawn.
Burnt OutIf the logo didn't give it away then this team is the EVE_NT Championship team fielded by members of Pandemic Legion, who have the most Alliance Tournament victories of any team in EVE. Captained by Cheeb Aman.
MeMe TeamThe team representing TEST Alliance as both Soldarius & suicide hope to lead them to victory and bounce back from underwhelming performances in both Fight Club and ATXIV.
Provi-ShotzThe core residents CVA head up this team with team captain Eos Canon waving their banner. Recently providence held its own internal 5v5 tournament for which many of these player took part so they have a little experience in a 5v5 scenario.
The CharlatansThe Charlatans are a really fun team of lowsec vagabonds from the Stay Frosty alliance. When they aren't ransoming your ship for ISK or roaming farming entosis links they are often seen training for tournaments. They had a fantastic top 16 run in the Alliance Tournament being eventually knocked out by their sparring partners, PFR.

As a quick reminder, points will be assigned to the overall match winner to determine each league's standings with the winner of both the Major & Minor Leagues of the Fall Championship being the teams with the most points at the end of the season in their respective league.
Also if you were curious on what ships and the fittings were available for the teams to field you can find them here.
And as always, tonight we will be giving away 1 IGC Apocalypse Skin to a lucky viewer so don't forget to tune in and try your luck in winning it.

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