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EVE_NT Championship ? Major League Day 1

Image of EVE_NT Championship ? Major League Day 1

This season's Major League teams took to the Thunderdome on Sunday to make their first marks on the NT Championship leaderboards. Seasoned tournament pilots faced off against each other for League Points, glory, and IGC Apocalypse SKINs.
">V0LTA vs Rep Cartel MkII

With not one but two logi cruisers slipping through the bans, both teams had a decent amount of sustainability on the field; but it wasn't enough to prevent first blood going to V0LTA for a kill on Rep Cartel's Harbinger, followed quickly by their Tristan and Algos. The V0LTA Team remained untouched in their high-alpha setup as the Exequror and Abaddon remaining for Rep Cartel struggled to make a dent on any of their opponent's shields. The Abaddon hung on in there, but the first victory of the Major League went to V0LTA.
">The Other Team vs Team Footwork

Footwork's grouped-up warp in position compared to the staggered entry points of the Other Team made little difference to the primary choices of both teams. Footwork's Osprey held on well but eventually gave up first blood, with their Talwar following shortly behind. The Other Team's Caracal proved too slippery to catch, but Footwork managed to chip well into their Hyperion's armour before their last 2 ships finally succumbed to the overwhelming opposition. A fluid and fairly quick match, with the win going to The Other Team.
">Team Pretty vs Team Johnny

The Algos of Team Pretty saw an early death, straying closest to the enemy team and taking the full fire of ships and drones. Team Johnny got a good trade for their Caracal as the Apocalypse of Team Pretty dropped rapidly through shields and armour as their Exequror repairs were just too far out of range. With one heavy hitter off the field, their Oracle's death came fairly shortly afterward and left just their logistics and Punisher to last as long as they could against the almost full firepower of Team Johnny. The first win for Team Johnny, giving Team Pretty just a short period of respite before their second match of the day.
">Team Footwork vs Rep Cartel MkII

With Footwork's Hyperion 100km from the Rep Cartel on warp in, it seemed like a nice MJD play was in order - and eventually was fired, though not before their Algos and Tristan had fallen to a barrage of fire from Rep Cartel. With their Brutix falling fast, it was a race to see if the Apocalypse caught by the Hyperion could break it fast enough with help from their Vexor. With the Rep Cartel battleship in low armour the Vexor was destroyed, but would the Hyperion held on long enough to take the Apocalypse down and deny Rep Cartel a 4-point win. Settling for a 3-point victory was good enough as Rep Cartel now stood at one win and one loss.
">The Other Team vs Team Pretty

Not only did The Other Team bring a Drake, they made good use of it. The Megathron of Team Pretty was an early primary, locked in place and taken in structure fairly quickly while the Osprey on The Other Team kept their Rokh's shields in good order. With both the Other Team's logi and Team Pretty's battleship down, the Drake that escaped from the early brawling caught the Exequror and helped take it into armour, switching between that and killing the Algos. Team Pretty's Tormentor and Myrmidon couldn't land any significant damage on their opponents, with the Myrmidon choosing to suicide on the arena boundary after his Tormentor teammate fell. A second win for The Other Team, with only their logistics falling.
Two wins were more than enough to put The Other Team at the top of the Major League leaderboard, with V0LTA coming in second thanks to their only match of the day securing them a domination victory and 4 points. Team Johnny and Rep Cartel MkII are tied on 3 points, while both Team Footwork and Team Pretty are yet to snatch any League Points for themselves. Two more weeks of matches lie ahead for these teams, and a lot can happen in that time.

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