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EVE_NT Championship - Minor League Day 1

Image of EVE_NT Championship - Minor League Day 1

The latest season of the EVE_NT Championship kicked off on Sunday 6th with our 6 Minor League teams being the first to take to the Thunderdome and do battle in glorious spaceship combat. With the exclusive IGC Apocalypse SKINs - and a chance at a Major League play - to play for, every match would be crucial for grabbing as many points as possible and aim for the top of the leaderboard.
">Phalanx vs Clevergirls

As the only logi ship on the field. the Exequror of Phalanx team captain o0Kaboom0o drew much of the initial fire and control from the Clevergirls side after doing a great job at keeping Phalanx's Algos stable. It was Clevergirls' Punisher that fell first, followed swiftly by their Coercer and then the Caracal. Despite repair drones doing the best they could, they couldn't beat the repair power of the logistics cruiser and weren't able to cause a single loss on the Phalanx side. A full 4 league points to Phalanx for a domination victory, Clevergirls had time to regroup and re-strategize before their next match.
">Burnt Out vs MemeTeam

First blood of the second match went to Memeteam, as both teams' frigates charged in towards the opposition to try and get some early tackle. Burnt Out lost their Algos as they worked down the Osprey logi of Memeteam, then proceeded to make very short work of the enemy Merlin. The strong hull tank of the Burnt Out Brutix held out long enough for them to kill a Hurricane, then worked down the Memeteam Tempest. The final Memeteam ship - the light missile Corax - had positioned himself well away from the rest of the action and seemed to just be slowboating around trying to avoid trouble. As last man standing that was never going to end well, and it took only a few seconds for him to provide the last explosion of the match and give 3 league points over to Burnt Out.
">Provi-ShotZ vs Charlatans

Interesting initial target choices from both teams as the match got underway, as Provi-ShotZ started on the Harbinger while Charlatans tested the water with the Slasher, Thrasher and Osprey. With a logistics ship on their side it wasn't too surprising to see Charlatans lose 3 ships before finally being able to take down the enemy repair boat. The remaining Charlatans damage did manage to break Provi-ShotZ's Naga, but the Provi Rokh played a great part in grappling opponents left, right, and centre. A last attempt to hold on by team captain Jose Zampano in his Apocalypse was to no avail, as the 3 points of victory went to Provi-Shotz.
">MemeTeam vs Clevergirls

The Punisher was proving to be a key frigate pick in this format, and proved to be again as Clevergirls charged theirs in to tackle the Tempest of Memeteam. With no logi on their team it was the rep-drone Algos that fell first for the Clevergirls, but they did manage to burn down the Tempest before losing their Punisher, then proceeding to trade their Brutix for the Memeteam Scythe. Another strong choice, the Caracal made fairly short work of the enemy Vigil before teaming up with its Megathron teammate to take out the last 2 Memeteam ships and secure their first win of the season.
">Burnt Out vs Provi-ShotZ

Both teams already had a win to their name and points on the board, so this would be the match that decided which of them would claim the top spot. Battlecruisers seemed to be the primary for both teams, before Provi-ShotZ switched over to the Algos while Burnt Out tried their luck on the Rifter. Burnt Out finally managed to break the Harbinger, but at the cost of their Punisher, Algos and most of their Oracle's armour. Provi-Shotz's Augoror was still alive and repairing, doing a great job of repping and staying alive as the rest of his team worked on the Caracal and Raven missile boats of Burnt Out. Dancul1001 and his Raven weren't going to go down easily, as he slowly headed towards the edge of the arena while trying to make a dent in the Augoror's armour. Just a couple of kilometres short of the arena edge, the firepower of the 4 Provi-ShotZ ships finally took him down with just over 1 and a half minutes left on the clock.
With 2 wins to their name, Provi-Shotz hit the top of the leaderboard. Phalanx follow just 2 points behind, while Clevergirls and Burnt Out are sitting on 3 points each. With two more weeks of matches still to go, will the Provi team be able to keep hold or their lead - or will they be de-throned by teams on an epic comeback? Unfortunately you will have to wait two weeks to find out as the first round of the Major Leagues will be played on Sunday 20th November at 1945 EVE Time. Be sure to tune in into our Twitch page!

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