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Trillionaires Party popper free-for-all

Image of Trillionaires Party popper free-for-all was in the midst of a massive website upgrade when CCP announced the changes to the EULA, and plans for a launch party have now turned into a farewell party.
Party Plans
Trillionaire brings a Free-for-all in-game event on November 12th with 4,000 destroyers fit up and ready to go, alongside 18 capitals that will warp in as well to get blown-up in a farewell party not to be missed.
Sack the works Christmas night out and have a party with your EVE bros. There is actually guaranteed action here on this evening - which your work simply can't promise. The event will take place in Ishomilken (0.4) at 21:00 NEST on Saturday 12th November, and is even open to Alpha Clones.
Sign me up
You can register for the event and add your character portrait to the wall of faces on  This wall should get rather crowded with 4,000 free destroyers to hand out, but even if you don't register you can just turn up. Large groups and corps are welcome, and ships can be handed out to CEO's to get corp members sorted out much faster.
All the destroyers are fitted up with T1 modules but if you are feeling rather fly and fancy your chances, you can of course throw on some bling fittings, slap on some lippy, or try out that neglected only-used-once more fancy piece in your hanger. Check out the official post on the EVE-O forums.
Party baubles
Maybe it could even be the UTU that Trillionaire be raffling off, right up until they are forced to close doors on 8th November with the announced EULA changes. There have currently been 217/1000 tickets sold in this raffle, with this rare ship costing 120Bil and tickets at 130Mil this will still be drawn, even if all tickets are not sold. Christmas can come early.

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