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Valhalla 2 - Ragnarök EVE Vegas Valkyrie Player Meet

Image of Valhalla 2 - Ragnarök EVE Vegas Valkyrie Player Meet

Back at just before Fanfest earlier this year saw the first Valkyrie meetup saw the first official meetup of the Valkyrie, dubbed ?Valhalla? at the famous Nora Magasin.
Given Fanfests location in Iceland, which is typically visited by a lot of the Europeans, it only seemed fair to also have a meet for the Valkyrie in Vegas as well for the Americans. And so, Valhalla 2 ? Ragnarok was born!
Why Ragnarok ? Well, it?ll be hosted in the PBR Rockbar & Grill ( ? get it ? Rockbar, Rag-na-ROCK!
Yeah, it's bad, I know, anyway ? If you?re a Valkyrie pilot, know a Valkyrie pilot, participated in this year's Valkyrie tournament, or even interested just interested in Valkyrie, come join us at the PBR Rockbar on October 30th from 2000 onwards! No doubt we will find a spot in the venue and settle there for the evening, or depending on the popularity and noise level, we may move on elsewhere if needs must.  
See you there!

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