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Pew4Reps Oct 23rd NPSI fleet

Image of Pew4Reps Oct 23rd NPSI fleet

EVE-Dublin player meet host, Joseph Barnacle is going to be FC'ing the next #Pew4Reps NPSI fleet, and it's just over a week away.
Join Joseph Barnacle, GlasgowDunlop and the rest of the Pew4Reps folks in Amarr - Empire Family Academy station at 18:00 EVE Time on the 23rd October for an NPSI fleet that supports good causes, and possibly damages livers. Community run Pew4Reps have an in-game channel "Pew4Reps" that you can join right now to get yourself prepared.
No specific doctrine has been declared, only that this fleet will probably NOT include capital ships. This may be a break in the norm for a #Pew4Reps NPSI fleet, but some ideas are being suggested for making this fleet more themed and more fun. Battle-logi fleet with-out using capital ships! The actual doctrines will be released a few days before the event.
You can follow @JosephBarnacle on twitter for updates and more information, as well as visit, and if you feel so inclined up-vote the official reddit post here:
Pre-fleet drinks
The Irish machine is also hosting #EveBelfast just one day before this #Pew4Reps fleet, on the 22nd October. You can check out all of the details in EVE-NTs coverage of October player meets. Go to the player meet, make new friends, chat spaceships, then fleet up with #Pew4Reps NPSI fleet. No excuses. Joseph Barnacles hang-over will need your support in fleet!

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