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AT XIV - Explosions by the Numbers

Image of AT XIV - Explosions by the Numbers

Judging by the popularity of the monthly economic reports, some of you sure do like your stats and graphs. Well, I'm no CCP Quant, but I have managed to compile a few interesting bits of info from the first weekend of Alliance Tournament XIV.
Pick Me, Pick Me!

With Blood Raider ships benefiting from a reduced points cost, there is no surprise that both the Bhaalgorn and the Cruor feature highly on the pick list. The Cruor gives great utility for a low-cost ship, and featured in 61 of the 96 matches. The Hound and Purifier proved popular bomber choices, with Minmatar ships in general seeing a lot of play. A Fleet Typhoon core seems to be almost a staple of this tournament, with a healthy dose of Sleipnirs and Hyenas also taking to the field. Gallentean command ships featured more highly than those of any other race, with 44 Astartes and 34 Eos' arriving on grid.
But the top pick of the weekend goes to the Svipul; with its high mobility and great damage output, the Minmatar Tactical Destroyer earned more picks than all the other T3Ds added together.
Top 5 Picks:
Svipul - 124
Hound - 96
Cruor - 85
Purifier - 81
Oneiros - 63
Anything But That
No love for the logi out there as the Oneiros takes the prize for Most Banned Ship of the opening weekend. For the most part the bans we saw were fairly in-keeping with the popular picks of the tournament - although both the Tengu and Legion were banned out for a match each, despite only a couple of teams choosing to field them (Out of Sight and Brothers in Arms Alliance both fielded a Tengu for one of their matches, while The Methodical Alliance and Out of Sight both chose to give the Legion a try for a match). The utility power of the Kitsune saw it banned out 22 times compared to just 4 bans for the Hyena, while 29 teams didn't want to deal with the EWAR capabilities of the Blackbird.
Top 5 Bans:
Oneiros - 46
Bhaalgorn - 38
Scimitar - 37
Blackbird - 29
Barghest - 26
Explosions by Numbers
Everyone likes explosions - well, except the pilot of the ship that goes boom - and there were plenty of those over the weekend. 1033 ships met their doom over the weekend, with the top picks also making up a large number of the losses. The Typhoon Fleet Issue fared fairly well, with only 35 exploding and 42 escaping unscathed; the same can't be said for ships like the Brutix and Exequror, with not a single one surviving. Unsurprisingly it was the smaller support ships that suffered the heaviest losses, with battleships and command ships generally holding out.
Top 5 Losses:
Svipul - 68
Cruor - 58
Hound - 56
Confessor - 43
Purifier - 40
Target Acquired
Yes, the single Sentinel that was picked actually survived (good job, Rote Kapelle). Kitsunes and Cruors seemed to draw most of the fire as they put their bonuses to use on the enemy teams, while Astarte pilots seemed pretty safe as barely a quarter of those picked ended up as piles of scrap in space. A single Basilisk survived the weekend out of the 11 that were fielded, while 13 of the 19 Guardians that slipped through the ban net lived to logi another day.
5 Most Successful Picks:
Typhoon Fleet Issue
Bringing Out The Big Guns
*Note* - I only have 50 teams' flagships confirmed. 
Bhaalgorns have picked up the nickname 'Flaggorns' for this Alliance Tournament, being far and away the most popular choice of high-damage/high-tank/high-utility ship. With the ability to ignore meta level restrictions on many modules, Faction and Officer modules add more power - and more cost.
The confirmed flagship losses from the first weekend - along with their estimated value - are listed below.
That's a grand total of 112,953,194,218 ISK destroyed.
Free Gates Coalition - 29,448,042,567.89 ISK
Samurai SOUL'd Out - 19,423,249,162.12 ISK
White Legion - 18,102,796,644.04 ISK
Polarbears  - 11,593,935,024.71 ISK
League of Unaligned Master Pilots - 9,261,215,375.90 ISK
Phoebe Freeport Republic - 9,061,212,197.48 ISK
WAFFLES.  - 3,642,201,945.27 ISK
Requiem Eternal  - 2,326,612,889.77 ISK
Snuffed Out  - 1,284,079,961.93 ISK
Nanoblack  - 1,211,185,721.43 ISK
Dream Fleet  - 1,195,508,510.79 ISK
Red Vs Blue  - 1,185,794,882.95 ISK
Quebec United Legions  - 1,132,535,231.38 ISK
Villore Accords  - 1,110,559,605.88 ISK
Brothers in Arms  - 1,058,450,943.80 ISK
COF Alliance  - 978,211,619.52 ISK
Brotherhood of Spacers  - 937,601,943.86 ISK
There are plenty more matches and explosions to come as we head into the second weekend of Alliance Tournament action, with some big name face-offs and grudge matches likely to bring out dramatic wins and catastrophic losses. Whatever happens, sit back and enjoy the action - and fingers crossed your bets are good!

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