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CSM XI ? Week 22 Summary

Image of CSM XI ? Week 22 Summary

Hello again! This weekend has been a rather busy one, as not only have the minutes been (partially) released here. Note that some sessions have not been revealed, but are prepared for release to accompany later devblogs. I will warn those reading these devblogs for the first time that it's relatively difficult to ascertain tone from them, and  that they don't cover the full length and breadth of the discussions had on many topics. They do, however, hit on the main ?beats? of discussion and as such are a great way to highlight the process. This ? of course ? doesn't signal and end to our conversations with CCP on the topics however, so if you think there are things we missed, reach out to us and we?ll help to bring your concerns to the right people within CCP.
I would also like to apologise for forgetting about EVE_NT 5, which I attended last week, primarily as a player, but also to give a short presentation on the CSM. It was relatively low key and had lots of Q&A, but I hope those that attended were able to get a look in on both how I personally model and see the CSM as an organisation, and just what we do with CCP.  I was also interviewed by Niden alongside fellow CSM member Gorski Car, the video of which you can watch ">here.
The Alliance Tournament also kicked off this Saturday, with the first weekend being broadcast by the EVE_NT team, complete with an analysis desk and live commentary. This was headed up by fellow CSM member Nashh Kadavarr. Next week the broadcast will be taking place from Iceland, with both CCP Devs & the crčme de la crčme of player commentators and analysts helping to explain all the details as the event progresses. It's worth noting that many CSM members are either actively contributing to their team's efforts to win the tournament, or eagerly watching and analysing the results, and as such you might see a slowing down in communications from other members.
Despite this in game activity, the CSM is still continuing its post summit activities, helping to review what we talked about in the summit, and building off of our discussions with CCP regarding their recent reveals of the improved Character Sheet UI, issues with Citadels, and ? of course ? Clone States.
Thanks for reading, see you in Week 23
Week Ending 03/10/16
Attendance Sheet Here

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