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Theomachy Results

Image of Theomachy Results

The results for this years Theomachy event have been finalised after some technical difficulties with our killboard not pulling everything but that has been solved.
Awards Page
Achievement Document
">Theomachy Top Moments Video
">Theomachy Final Five Video
Some random event stats

  • Most Ships Lost was Diterikhs with 53 ships lost

  • Commentator Favourite Ship the Endurance Frigate was on 39 kill mails and 2 solo kills

  • Battleship with the most kills was the Machariel

  • Ship that was destroyed the most was the Breacher

  • Ship that killed the most was the Cynabal(Cambion excluded)

  • Commentator Favourite Ripped McBigHuge SquatThrust had 34 kills and 26 losses

  • Commentator Favourite Solidus Obscura had 25 kills and 9 losses

  • Commentator Favourite Zeke Dreyton had 15 kills no losses

  • Captain Alexis got the most achievements of all participants at 6

  • Captain Alexis also got the most kills out of all participants at 146

I do apologize for the wait to get these results out, I will be contracting your ships as I have free contract slots and once I am done with all the achievement prizes I will send out mails to everyone with their Evebet codes.
A special thanks to ISD, EveNT, CCP Leeloo who helped out with organizing this event.
If you have any questions send me a mail in game at Riela Tanal. Hope to see you next time I do this event.
In the mean time you can see highlights from the events on the EVE NT TV YouTube page below.


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