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CSM XI ? Week 16 & 17 Summary

Image of CSM XI ? Week 16 & 17 Summary

Welcome to the final weekly update prior to the Autumn summit (the first of this term). For those wondering why last week lacked an update, I felt that it would be a bad idea to post it when myself and the rest of the CSM was aware of the announcement of Clone States, which would undoubtedly be a huge point of discussion for the community.
The past two weeks, however have not been without activity on our end. In fact, we've ramped up exponentially to prepare for the summit. We have held three more roundtables; Gorski Carr's Lowsec roundtable, Sullen Decimus? Capital Industrial Roundtable & my own Anti-Ganker/Hauler Roundtable. We also held a PvE Townhall to get both myself and the rest of the CSM up to speed on the issue that affected it, the recording of which can be found here. All of these have led to some very interesting suggestions, perspectives, and overall information which we will be taking to CCP.
In addition to this, we have been carefully monitoring the discussion on Clone States, and passing on suggestions/queries. From those as big as wondering whether the NPE will be ready to coincide with this launch (it will be) to the smallest niggles such as no Mining Drone Operation, they've all been talked about seriously by the CSM. So, please, keep the discussion up, and keep it constructive. So far it has been very interesting to read, and hopefully this back and forth will be continuing up to the release and likely onwards from there as it is iterated upon.
Alongside all of this, we have been preparing things regarding our own personal areas of expertise to present to CCP, and making many sacrifices to the volcano gods that Katla won't interrupt anything. So, if you have any last-minute things to pass on to your CSM representative, pass them on before the start of the coming weekend, or it is unlikely that they will be able to read and digest them.
As there will be no weekly review with CCP this coming week (due to it taking place whilst some members are in flight/present in Iceland), expect the next summary to take place after the summit (September 18th) with a retrospective on the summit, to be accompanied by another CSM podcast, Summit Minutes, and I?m sure a myriad of other outlets.
Weeks Ending 29/08/16 & 04/09/16
Attendance Sheet Here
By CSM 11 represent Jin'taan as part of his weekly updates on the activities of the CSM

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