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CSM XI PvE Townhall

Image of CSM XI PvE Townhall

CSM Member Jin'tann announced a couple of weeks back that they have been working out how to hold a PvE townhall. In his announcement post he wrote:

I?m here to announce something that I've been teasing for a week or so as I worked out the logistics around getting it to be a feasible thing to do, a general PvE townhall before the first summit of this CSM. It will be held on Saturday the 3rd of September, at 21:00 EvE Time, which should hit the crossover between US & EU TZ's well enough. Obviously, it's far from ideal for SEA/RU/AU players, but unfortunately that's just how the timezones crumble.
The townhall will be held on EVE-University's Mumble server, and be run as a mixed voice & text QA session, with the CSM and other hosts asking questions about the current state of PvE, people's thoughts on where the future of it might lead, and in general taking the pulse of PvE focused players and communities. Note that, as always, problems are far better than solutions, and are what we?ll look to build on in this dialogue. Saying that ? for example 'there isn't any PvE content for me and 2-3 of my friends to do together? is a lot easier for us to both understand and take to CCP than 'there should be missions designed for 3-4 people and they should give x reward and be tied into Y system?.
I will hopefully post a full list of topics/talking points before the event. However, I'd like to specifically say that we intend to focus on the PvE experience, as opposed to ancilliary parts of it, such as ganking or roaming to catch people in null. We will also not be focusing on WH PvE, as I feel that was well covered in Noobman's own Townhall on the subject of Wormholes specifically. This means that we will be looking at Hisec, Lowsec & Nullsec (Sov and NPC), and all the missions, anomalies, combat sites, incursions and anything in between that comprises the PvE ecosystem.

You can find a copy of the recording below which was uploaded to soundcloud. The hosts and moderators of the event were CSM 11 members Jin'taan, Steve Ronuken, The Judge and Sullen Decimus alonw with Titus Tallang and Asterothi,

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