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The Scots are at it again at EVE Glasgow this Saturday!

Image of The Scots are at it again at EVE Glasgow this Saturday!

Eve Glasgow is back once again for another outing on the this Saturday! (3rd of September), at it regular venue at the Hillhead Book Club. Now proud to call it an established EVE meet happy to boast visits by developers such as Mimic, Logibro, Leelou, Golaith and Guard over the years.
The meet is held at the The Hillhead Bookclub is located deep in the Glasgow's West End and a is characterful space with a massive selection of drinks from straight forward larger and spirits to cocktails. Along with ping-pong tables and retro computer games the Hillhead Bookclub makes for a unique venue. Food is served all day and the bar is stocked all at reasonable prices.
Hillhead Bookclub
Glasgow Dunlop, organiser of EVE Glasgow gave me some history on the event:

The first Eve meet I went to was one that was one that was held in Glasgow late 2012 and was pretty sweet. It was held in a really busy bar so it was a bit hard for everybody to kinda find each other, but we got there in the end.
The first meet I ran was in early 2013 , we had 6 show up, but as the word go out there we got more and more coming along, and as the words spread out we have a lot more people.
I like running the meets every quarter rather than half yearly. It fits the way I like to do it, it keeps it a bit smaller than if it were a massive meet, and the place we normally go to, we have a big table, so everybody is in the one place. Everybody pretty much chats and drinks with everybody else. EVE Meets are a gateway for players to try out the more social aspects of the game, if you spend countless hours on a machine playing and chatting with somebody an hour up the road, why not grab a beer? why not invite more players along, throw an ad on eve-meet, good times will be had by all, just don't get that plastered you forget!
The Hillhead Bookclub, which is  were the meet has been held since I started running the event. Its got a kinda feel of Nora* about it which is why it was chosen as the venue for the Glasgow meet.

*Nora is a cult favourite bar for Fanfest Goers in Iceland.
If you would like to know more, or get in contact with other Scottish EVE players join the in-game channel  'tartan army'.
But if you can't make this one then there will be the now traditional end of year meet in December at its usual awkward time in-between Xmas & Hogmanay, and there may well be another Edinburgh Pub Crawl event in the offing. Watch This Space.
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