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Pew4Reps: The Vehement NPSI Fleet Departs August 28th!

Image of Pew4Reps: The  Vehement NPSI Fleet Departs August 28th!

On August 28th, EVE Online player FullMetalJacket (a regular NPSI fleet commander) will be hosting another Pew4Reps fleet in support of the greater EVE community's Broadcast4Reps movement. But unlike other NPSI fleets this one has something very special, it will be accompanied by a rare Serpentis Vehement Dreadnought. This one was built before the change in material costs so its estimated value is somewhere in excess of 40 billion ISK! Donated with thanks by Iron Bank. But of course it won't be alone - because there will be support for it in the form of other capital ships to escort it.

  • Form-up will be in the Gallente trade hub of Dodixie Planet IX Federation Navy Assembly Plant at 1800.

  • Departure will be 1900-1930 EVE Time

  • Fleet comp will be announced 3 days prior to the event ( Aug 25th).

If you would like to find out more about this fleet then join the 'Pew4Reps' in-game channel for any updates and that all important fleet composition. Please make sure you get there on time as the the fleet leaves promptly as it might be difficult to catch up! But even if you don't join the actual fleet the organisers hope that you come out to shoot in one way or another!
The original event post can be found on the eve online forums here.
TheBroadcast4Reps aka Spam4Heals facebook page can be found here.

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