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Alliance Tournament: Secret Auction Results; Final Seeding

Image of Alliance Tournament: Secret Auction Results; Final Seeding

With over 900 PLEX of bids submitted, the final 8 alliances for AT XIV have now been decided:

  • Vydra Relolded

  • Northern Coalition.

  • League of Unaligned Master Pilots

  • Brave Collective

  • Curatores Veritatis Alliance

  • Feign Disorder

  • Snuffed Out

  • Rote Kapelle

The full complement of 64 teams have also been seeded ready for the first round of matches - the top 12 teams are seeded based on results from last year's Alliance Tournament, with a random drawing deciding initial places for the rest of the teams.
With some of the more familiar tournament names now confirmed as participating, all that remains is for the teams to take to the Thunderdome and hone their skills before battle commences at the start of October.
Discussions and debates are in full swing over on the Alliance Tournament forum page, and we will keep you up to date with any changes and news on first-round brackets as they come in.

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