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Theomachy: May The Gods Be in Your Favor this August 27th

Image of Theomachy: May The Gods Be in Your Favor this August 27th

Carnage and mayhem is about to come to New Eden as EVE's biggest free for all, Theomachy, is back!

"Theomachy" named after the Greek word for a war or struggle amongst gods and is an appropriate description for this an epic contest between immortal capsuleers. The objective of this event is simple be the last capsuleer alive.
Contestants are dropped into a seeded system in nothing but a capsule and your wits. You needs to find and scavenge ships and fits you need to survive. If you are lucky and prove yourself you may get a special reward from the Overseers who are watching. You will also need to user your guile and cunning to form (and break) alliances to help you survive. But, with everyone after the same goal - can you really trust anyone?
But if you think your fellow capsuleers are your only worry, think again. Random live scripted events will potentially help (or hinder) your chances and will present challenges to test the worth of each competitor.
The event kicks off on the 27th of August at 20:00 EVE time on the test server. Full instructions on how to get onto the test server and where to get set up on website. You can also find a full set of rules on the website as well.
But what about Prizes! There are some substantial prizes up for grabs to the best competitors.

Champion9 PLEX/1.5b Evebet Code/1 Astrahus/90 Days of Game Time
2nd Place6 PLEX/1.25b Evebet Code/60 Days of Game Time
3rd Place3 PLEX/1b Evebet Code/30 days of Game time
4th Place2 PLEX and 750mil Evebet Code
5th Place1 PLEX and 500mil Evebet Code
6th - 20th Place200mil Evebet Code
21st - 40th Place100mil Evebet Code
Prize Pool will be updated as more sponsors are acquired.Achievements will be announced later

Want to get involved? Make sure you sign up at and keep your eye open on #EVE-NT for more news on the event!

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