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Ganked: The Fifth Element this Saturday!

Image of Ganked: The Fifth Element this Saturday!

Legendary Red Vs Blue fleet commander Mangala Solaris returns with Ganked! One of EVE's most celebrated regular events which has been run on and off since 2011. In his message Mangala says:

Ganked turns FIVE this coming weekend, and to celebrate I will be leading a Golden Fleet into space, and hopefully into glorious combat!
5 years ago I never envisioned that Ganked would last this long, thanks go to Jayne and the Spectre community for picking it up after I quit EVE last year. Here's to another five years!
Lets make this a HUGE event, spread the word since the Spectre List is currently not 100% functional.
Info for the event:
Where: Agil
When: Saturday 23rd July 2016
Time: 18.30 UTC formup.
Comms: Spectre Mumble
Hugs and Kisses
Uncle Mangala

For this fleet the legendary Golden Fleet, immortalised by Rooks and Kings, will be the doctrine of choice. Characterised by the use of the formidable Apocalypse Navy Issue it is a tried and tested fleet set up and one that you don't see very often! But if you can't fly a ANI don't worry, there are plenty of positions that need to be filled. You can find all the fittings for this fleet in the in-game channel: Double Vodka & Lemonade
You can also find more information on Ganked at the website

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