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Alliance Tournament XIV Signup Deadline Looms!

Image of Alliance Tournament XIV Signup Deadline Looms!

Hold on tight! This years EVE Online tournament event is fast approaching, but not as fast as the deadline for signups!
CCP Logibro posted on the EVE Online News section of the EVE Online Website this message:

Hello Glorious Spaceship Gladiators
Signups for Alliance Tournament XIV are closing soon, 23:59UTC on the 22nd of July, 2016. If you haven't already signed your alliance up, make sure you do so here. Make sure that you have also sent an EVE-Mail to CCP Logibro with your Passphrase by this date, otherwise your entry will not be considered valid.
If you have any questions or difficulties with signing up, please make sure to file a support ticket under CCP Community Team before signups close. If you have already completed the form above but have not yet received a verification mail in game, please first check that you have submitted your passphrase before filing a ticket.
More details on the tournament can be found here.

With this years rules leaning heavily towards Blood Raider ships there is rampant speculation that this years Alliance tournament prize ships will be variants of the Cruor and Ashimmu. With the hype already building will you be apart of this years alliance tournament?

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