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EVE University ? This Weeks Classes

Image of EVE University ? This Weeks Classes

The following was taken from this weeks EVE University public mailing list which you join in game by signing up to ?Classes.E-UNI?.
The primary purpose of EVE University is to teach new (and old) players about the basics of life in EVE and various aspects of game play. To that end they hold regular classes, both theoretical and practical, in order to accomplish this goal. You can find more information on how to join their classes on their website. If you are unable to attend a live class due to time zone differences, you will also be able to find transcripts of their classes as well.
Please note that most of their classes are public! You do not need to be a member of EVE University to join!
Thursday, 21 July
02:00 - Fleets 101
Are you new to the Uni or to EVE in general? Interested in joining the crazy folks of the LSC and NSC for some explode-y mayhem? Feeling a bit confused by all those terms and jargon you hear in Mumble? Well this is the class for you - and just in time for the Friday Night NoP fleet, too!!! Reise Amatin instructs.
Friday, 22 July
02:00 - Intro to Mining & the AMC
Mining is one of the most common and reliable ways of earning ISK in EVE, especially as a newer player. In this class, we'll introduce the essential elements for successful resource mining (asteroids, ice, and gas), and discuss various types of mining operations. This class will also serve as a general introduction to the AMC. Paragot Bezier leads this class.
Friday, 22 July
23:00 - PvP Dynamics
PvP is on everyone's mind. Lets get to it and Kill them ALL...
45mins session on PvP Dynamics and various aspects of PvP. This class is followed by Noobs on Patrol. Rudra Som is your leader into battle.

Saturday, 23 July
04:30 - Introduction to EVE University
This is a class for new Unistas, pilots looking to join E-Uni, or anyone curious about how the Uni runs. All are welcome. Braan Cadar instructs.
Sunday, 24 July
19:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics
Professor Seamus Donohue leads his second session this week on EVE Game Mechanics. Brings your questions. He'll have the answers.
Sunday, 24 July
20:00 - Jump Freighters and Suitcase Capitals
Ever wondered how a cyno or a capital jump drive works? Or how Mercenary Coalition fight in a new war each month in a completely different part of null space?? This class will explain the machanics behind movement of capital ships from a hauling and logistics perspective with Jump Freighters as main focus, with information on Suitcase Capitals and capital movement.
That's all as far as the current schedule goes. As always, all classes can also be found on the EVE University calendar. For information on how to join EVE University, please see Applying to EVE University. If you wish to contribute to the University by hosting classes of your own, please see Joining the Faculty.

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