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Alliance Tournament Rules Released

Image of Alliance Tournament Rules Released

CCP Logibro has today announced the rules for this year's Alliance Tournament, as well as signup information for alliances wanting to join in the showdown.
Full details were released in a blog post this afternoon, and include a number of major changes from AT XIII:

  • Switching to 10 pilots instead of 12

  • Point value changes to compensate for change in team sizes:

    • Raw point increases to Battleship hulls, Battlecruiser hills, T3 Cruisers, Hictors, Logistics (T1 and T2)

    • Point decrease for T1 Cruisers

    • -2 points to all Blood Raider ships

  • Introduction of T2 Logistics Frigates at 5 points, with two allowed per match just like T1 Logi Frigates

  • Full ban cap transfer

  • Limit of one WDFG (unique Heavy Interdictor warp disruptor) per ship

  • Banning MJFG (unique Command Destroyer Micro Jumpdrive)

  • Disallowing pirate ammo

  • Disallowing T2 repair drones

While the slightly smaller teams might see the pace of matches increase, the ban of cap transfers brings an end to tinker setups that started to become a popular sight in tournaments. The slight rework to points values may be a logical step after reducing each team by 1 pilot, but could help bring some new fleet compositions to the matches. In a surprise change to the points cost of Blood Raider ships may see them being fielded more against teams with strong tank setups as they will be problematic for capacitor heavy logistics ships.
The tournament format itself is unchanged from last year - single stage 64-team double elimination bracket with each fight set to 10 minutes, where the team with the higher points value remaining take the win if the fight runs to time. Teams still have 100 points worth to spend on their 5 ships per fight, and they can still designate a T1 or Faction battleship as their flagship.
Signups for AT XIV are now open and will remain open til 23:59UTC on July 22nd - interested teams can now have their alliance executor fill in the details on this form. As with last year, the top 14 teams (listed in this forum post) have a direct buy-in option; 42 places are available through random draw, and the remaining 8 places will be available through a secret auction starting the day after the random draw.
Discussions on the AT forum page are already starting to gather pace, so keep an eye on this for any possible rule additions or revision that may arise. We'll keep you updated with further news and changes as we hear of them!

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