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Alliance Tournament & EVE_NT Championship Update

Image of Alliance Tournament & EVE_NT Championship Update

Aliance Tournamenret
Alliance Tournament
A week after the first details for this year's Alliance Tournament were announced, CCP Logibro posted details of a revised schedule following community feedback and internal discussions.

The tournament will now be held over three weekends rather than four, starting on the 1st of October and finishing on the 16th of October. Our original intention was to run the tournament over four weeks, but since that is not possible due to scheduling conflicts this year, moving to three weekends gives us some additional options for when to host and we feel that this time period would be better. The first weekend will not be broadcast directly by EVE TV, while the remaining two will be broadcast with a full CCP hosted stream.

Due to these changes, the cutoff dates for alliance membership and commentator application have both been updated- players wishing to participate must be in their chosen alliance by 11:00 UTC on July 6th, while the deadline for commentator applications is now set to 23:59UTC on July 11th.
The tournament and broadcasts are now set as follows:

  • October 1-2

  • October 8-9- EVE TV Broadcast

  • October 15-16 - EVE TV Broadcast

Stay tuned for news on this year's AT rules and any further updates as we get and review them!
EVE-NT Champtionship
EVE_NT Championship
Due to this update to the Alliance Tournament dates, we are pleased to announce that this season of the EVE_NT Championship will now return to 2016 dates!
Both Major and Minor leagues will run this November, spanning 6 episodes to be broadcast on consecutive Sundays, starting on the 6th of November (skipping the 27th). However due to the change of dates due to the AT, the size of this season's tournament has had to be reduced. As such, we will not be accepting any more submission for this season. As it stands, the captains for this season's teams are as follows:
Suleiman Shouaa
Hoodie Mafia
Catatonic Dawn
Battle Dog
Lady Arrien
Rhiload Feron-Drake
The exclusive IGC Apocalypse SKIN is the core prize for the teams, but there will also be one SKIN up for grabs each broadcast, so tune in for your chance to own a limited piece of EVE vanity! Alongside this will be an array of other gear for giveaway during the tournament broadcasts thanks to our sponsors at Plantronics and CoolerMaster.
Full details of the EVE_NT Championship format can be found here - fly safe, train hard, and we'll see you in November!

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