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G-Fleet Camp Tickets Available Now!

Image of G-Fleet Camp Tickets Available Now!

G-Fleet is to Germany as EVE-NT is to the UK and has been organising events in Germany for EVE Online fans for a year now. The first G-fleet event was held last year and all expectations were smashed when 90 people attended the event. This almost completely maxed out their capacity of 110. So, with that in mind, the organisers have taken on the challenge of making this year even bigger and better.
The event will be held The Hans-Peter-Zimmer foundation premises in Dusseldorf. With 4 rooms of this this massive facility put aside just for the event. The Hans-Peter-Zimmer foundation is a fantastic venue with unique industrial style and provides an impressive and varied location. The venue is also just 50 meters Ronsdorfer Tram stop which is a quick eight minute ride from Dusseldorf's Central Station.
While The Hans-Peter-Zimmer foundation has plenty of room there is a guest limit of just 200 people, which may sound like a lot but with 100 tickets already having been bought in less than 3 weeks! This includes the all the Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets. So make sure you get in quick because they are going fast!
For ?89 your ticket grants you not only entry to the event but also includes:

  • 3 Hot Meals

  • 5 Drinks

  • Finger-food / nibbles throuout the event

  • A one of a kind G-Fleet T-shirt made especially for the event

  • 'Super Secret Things'

No matter how much I twisted organiser Tairon's arm for more information he just refused to let me in on the secret things!
But wait! There is more! Last year G-fleet featured DUST514, but this year EVE Valkyrie will be in attendance. So if you haven't had a chance to have a go on CCP's intense VR dog-fighting game now is your chance! Also, what would an EVE Event be without a tournament? Naturally the infamous G-fleet 1 vs 1 Frigate tournament will also be centre stage again.
So you will need to keep an eye the G-Fleet Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and of course the G-Fleet Official Website! Also be sure to keep an eye out on those sites and feed for confirmation of what CCP Developers will be attending the event!
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