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EVE: Valkyrie Carrier Assault Coming Tomorrow!

Image of EVE: Valkyrie Carrier Assault Coming Tomorrow!

A highlight of Fanfest 2016 was the above video from the EVE: Valkyrie team showing the new game mode: 'Carrier Assault' along with a new map. As revealed in a dev blog from CCP Roo, we now have less than a week to wait before embarking on our own trench run on an enemy carrier.
The new game mode has three distinct phases, outlined in the dev blog posted earlier today. Carrier Assault combines elements from both the currently available Control and Team Death match modes, as well as a potentially explosive end to any pilots still in range of the enemy carrier after a successful attack run on the core:

Until now the enemy's carrier has been off limits. An impenetrable flying fortress that could cut you down before you even grazed its shields. Now, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with it! Battering down its defences and carving out a path to deliver the killer blow and put that clone vat out of action in an explosive finale.

Trench runs are not the only new feature landing in next week's patch - the Newcastle team have lined up a whole slew of balance changes, UX tweaks and stability fixes with the help of feedback from players on the Valkyrie forum. From a rebalance of the role of the Support class to some additional capacitor for Fighters, there will no doubt be some interesting tactical changes and new possibilities available for all pilots.
As if all that wasn't enough, the Crossroads map that was featured in the Valkyrie tournament at this year's Fanfest will now also be publicly available:
The new Crossroads map is also available in both Scout and Survival game modes. Learning every nook and cranny of the new terrain can give you the edge in combat. As a reward for this exploration you will discover new hidden Salvage crates (giving you crafting currency), and new Echoes that provide more back story on the history of EVE: Valkyrie and its characters.

With an ever-growing number of players alongside the news that Valkyrie will launch on PSVR on October 13th, there is still plenty to look forward to from Rán Kavik and the Valkyrie team.
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