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Empyrean Chronicles - Free EVE Fan Fiction Book Released!

Image of Empyrean Chronicles - Free EVE Fan Fiction Book Released!

Rixx Javix almost one year ago announced the beginning of a brand new community project; a book by the name of the New Eden Chronicles, a collection of fictional work written and contributed by the EVE Community. Compiled and edited by Rixx along with a team of Editors that included Mord Fiddle, Drackarn and General Stargazer with artwork was then supplied by the extremely talented Gabriel Cassata and Niden.
As the project progressed the book took on a new name - Empyrean Chronicles and was released last weekend for free on the EVEOGANDA website here. Yep that's right - totally free.
In the original announcement post from last November Rixx writes:

Over the past eight years I've read dozens and dozens of wonderful fan fiction here in our community, from the amazing Pod & Planet Contest and beyond. So I was thinking, why not start to collect the best of these into an ongoing anthology collection in the very best spirit of short-story science-fiction collections? Why not indeed? To make it even better, we?ll get some of our most talented artists to create illustrations and have a lot of purty pictures to look at.

The book contains 19 original pieces of work written by the EVE Community. It includes contributions from EVE Lore aficionado and blogger Rhavas, blogger, podcaster and fiction writer Kirith Kodachi, and Crossing Zebras Chief Niden, to name just a few. The book also contains five winning entries from the 2016 Pod and Planet Fiction Contest including 'Spider In Her Web', 'Decoherence', 'Different Bodies', 'Rapture', and 'Blood Frenzy'. All of which has been put together into 113 pages of pure EVE fiction fantasy goodness.
Download your copy for free at Rixx's website EVEOGANDA which after only 24 hours of it's release was downloaded over 5,000 times!
Sadly, at this moment in time if you want a physical copy of the book then you will have to arrange for it to be printed personally through a custom book printing service as there are no plans at this time to produce physical copies.
But the good news is that a follow up to this book is likely, Rixx has mentioned that there are plans to produce a volume two at some point in the near future.
If you can't wait for the next volume to come out - then you can also download 'The Art of Eveoganda' another book by Rixx Javix containing a portfolio of all his EVE Online related artwork here.
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