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This Week On EVE_NT TV! With Valkyrie Give-aways!

Image of This Week On EVE_NT TV! With Valkyrie Give-aways!


#EVE_NT TV has our usual twelve shows this week to keep you entertained with all your EVE Online and EVE Valkyrie needs!
This week is a special week for us, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 7th) we have (thanks to the fabulous people at CCP) a stack of EVE Valkyrie tee-shirts to give away!


These shirts were only available to buy at this years EVE Fanfest and are not going to be made available anywhere else. So we are super lucky to have a whole stack of them to give away just for our viewers! So how do you get your hands on one of these shirts and EVE Valkyrie Pen? Easy, watch one of our live Valkyrie streams from Tuesday 7th and listen out from the broadcaster on how to get your hands on them!
*Crunchies are unfortunately not a part of our stream give-aways - Nashh ate them all.

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