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EVE Down Under to return to Sydney this November

Image of EVE Down Under to return to Sydney this November

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EVE Down Under (or EDU) is the annual conference to celebrate the Australian time-zone community of EVE Online. Inspired by CCP's annual Fanfest in Iceland, the format is very similar with panels presented by both CCP developers as well as members of the community, Pub-crawls, Tournaments, and a chance to play some of CCP's latest games.
Last year EDU was held at Rydges World Square in Sydney, Australia and attracted over 200 people making it the largest player event in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest player events in the world! Last year a whole troupe of EVE Developers made the long journey from the top of the world including CCP Guard, CCP Mimic, CCP Larrikin, CCP Cognac and CCP Puck!
It has been 6 months since the last EVE Down Under in 2015 and a lots of AUTZ EVE players have been keenly waiting to hear what will be happening for the next EVE Down Under.
Well wait no more! EDU team recently released a statement to their facebook page confirming that they will be coming back to Sydney at some point in November.
Bam Stroker, the original organiser of the event has passed the reigns of responsibility to a new team of organisers. This team is made up of Chiimera, Cagali, Cannonfodder Ellecon, ckolonn, Otto Bismarck and Arkentantix CarpeNoctem. All of which have worked with Bam in the past organising earlier EDU events.
The event will be held in Sydney at a yet to be disclosed location and the EDU team is working hard to find the perfect venue for the event. Once the venue has been finalised and confirmed the dates will be announced soon after. The EDU team is aiming to provide more information and have tickets available for sale over the next month.
You can keep track of updates by following the EDU team on twitter @EVEDownUnder, on Facebook and finally on their website

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