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This Week On EVE_NT TV!

Image of This Week On EVE_NT TV!


#EVE_NT TV has our usual eleven shows this week to keep you entertained with all your EVE Online and EVE Valkyrie needs!
This week we are also pleased to announce a new streamer: CardSyn! Who will be bringing a new show 'Frigate Friday' starting on Friday 3rd of June at 0300 EVE Time!
Known as Cardinal Syn in game, he started playing EVE Online all the way back in 2003 but only recently started playing non-stop in the past 3 years.
He was inspired by two streamers also know as Lokoforloki, (A.K.A. Zao Amadeus) and Fintarue to get involved in EVE Online player vs player side. They showed him how much fun it was to not only blow up ships but to stream it as well.
Taking inspiration from this, in Cardinal Syn's show you will get to see some exploding space ships (probably his, mostly) as he engages in Frigate combat as part of the dreaded F.R.I.G.A.T.E menace! During his show he will explain his victories (and losses) to give players hints and tips on what to do and what not to do. All the while having a relaxed and fun time laughing at the silly mistakes he makes because of his split second decision making.
You can watch all our shows by visiting our twitch feed at
Did you miss any of our shows? You can catch up at our YouTube Channel.
You can also receive notifications of upcoming shows by subscribing on twitch, following on twitter or liking our facebook page.

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