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Eve Breckenridge 2017 Registrations Are Open!

Image of Eve Breckenridge 2017 Registrations Are Open!

Early planning for EVE Breckenridge 2017 has begun! This will be the fourth outing for organiser Doomchinchilla and team and the second trip to Breckenridge, a Ski resort in Colorado in the Central United States. The trip is to run from the 25th to the 29th of January 2017 and you can find more information at the EVE Atlanta website.
Originally set up three years ago as a Ski/Snowboard meet for Pandemic Legion members the even has slowly gained popularity gaining a regular attendance. With the attendance of CCP Karkur (a keen snowboarder herself) at the 2016 trip, the decision was made to open it up to all EVE On-line players.
You can see CCP Karkur's highlight reel from this years trip below, or you can giggle at organiser Doomchinchilla ">face-planting.

Eve Breckenridge for the last few years has been a small Ski and Snowboarding event for a dozen or so EVE Players along with their friends and family. Attendees have a wide range of skill levels from novices to to experts. So no matter your ability there is not need to feel intimidated, there will always be someone of a similar skill level to you. Indeed a number of people attend do not ski at all! The town of Breckenridge offers plenty of activities to keep non-skiers busy.
Breckenridge is a Colorado town at the base of the Rocky Mountains? and forms part of the Tenmile Range and is one of the most visited ski resorts in the western hemisphere. Making up part of the Tenmile mountain range Breckenridge has 155 runs of all skill levels spread out over 5 peaks and covers a total area of 4.5 square miles. So there will be plenty of places for Skiers and Snow Boarders of all levels to explore.
If you are interested in coming, you can visit the EVE Atlanta page where further information is given about the trip and the sorts of costs you can expect.
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