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Announcement: EVE London Joins The EVE_NT Family

Image of Announcement: EVE London Joins The EVE_NT Family

The EVE_NT Team is extremely happy and proud to announce and welcome the worlds longest running player meet EVE London to the EVE_NT Family of events.

Demetri Slavic, one of the original event organisers along with CCP Falcon (from before Falcon was even a developer) has has joined the EVE_NT team. He brings with him over 11 years of experience.

EVE London has been working informally with EVE NT for a couple of years, so when Nashh approached me with the idea to team up it was a no brainer. The EVE NT team are an amazing group and they are bringing fantastic content to the EVE community. Now EVE London gets to be a part of that family.
This merge should only mean good things for those that attend London, with the backing of EVE NT we will be able to bring you more things, such as give-aways and raffles thanks to the sponsorships that EVE NT has.
The EVE London Team is looking forward to see where this takes us as we become, EVE NT London.

EVE NT London is the longest player run EVE Event in the world. So popular is the event it always brings a large crowd of loyal regulars and EVE Meet first timers alike. EVE NT London is held at Goodman's Field, Tower-Hamlets deep in the heart of London and offers outstanding connections to many of the city's major transport hubs.  EVE NT London offers a chilled out atmosphere, talk of spaceships, life, beer and the occasional bucket of POS fuel!
The next EVE_NT London event will be held on the 5th of November later this year. Keep an eye out on our London Event Page here for further updates.
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