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This Weeks EVE-UNI Classes

Image of This Weeks EVE-UNI Classes

The following was taken from this weeks EVE University public mailing list which you join in game by signing up to 'Classes.E-UNI'.
The primary purpose of EVE University is to teach new (and old) players about the basics of life in EVE and various aspects of game play. To that end they hold regular classes, both theoretical and practical, in order to accomplish this goal. You can find more information on how to join their classes on their website here. If you are  unable to attend a live class due to time zone differences, you will also be able to find transcripts of their classes as well.
Please note that most of their classes are public! You do not need to be a member of EVE University to join!
This is a preliminary overview of University classes scheduled for the week of Monday, 04 April. All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the lecturer and/or teaching staff. All times are specified in EVE time. All classes are open to the public unless specified otherwise.
Tuesday, 05 April
03:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics
Professor Seamus Donohue awaits any and all questions about EVE Online's game mechanics - whether big or small. Come join in to ask or simply lurk in channel and learn about a variety of topics.
20:00 - Shield Tanking 101
Shield Tanking is the most common defensive method used by Caldari and Minmatar pilots, as well as some Gallente, and even a few Amarr capsuleers. Understanding how your shields work, absorb damage and regenerate can be essential for your survival in EVE. This class explores the techniques, skills and fittings for effective shield tanks. Taught by Tyera Azrael.
23:00 - Pirate Epic Arcs
The Pirate Epic Arcs are missions sequences where you work with one of the various pirate factions often operating in null security space. They provide a much larger amount of ISK than regular security missions but also present a variety of challenges. Atan Sol will teach you all about these epic arcs.

Wednesday, 06 April
18:30 - Fleets 101
Fleets 101 is designed to go over EVE University fleet formation and function. Proper formation etiquette is explained as well as the basic fleet commands one can expect in a uni fleet. Taught by Christopher Nolm.

Thursday, 07 April
22:00 - Armor Tanking 101
Armor tanking is the most common defensive method used by Gallente and Amarr pilots, as well as some Minmatar, and even a few enlightened Caldari capsuleers. Knowing how to maximize the strength of your armor tank can be essential to your success or survival in EVE. This class explores the techniques, skills and fittings for effective armor tanks. Taught by Tyera Azrael.

Friday, 08 April
17:30 - Hauling 101
Join Tavion Aksmis and learn about what hauling is in EVE Online, what types of ships see use in hauling things, and the basics of how to haul safely and effectively.
19:00 - Hauling 102
Tavion Aksmis goes into more detail about how to make money hauling including how to break some earlier rules from Hauling 101 while staying safe.

Saturday, 09 April
00:00 - Incursions 101
This is an introduction to running Incursions, a challenging type of PvE content that requires fleets, particular fits, coordination and a sense of humor. That said you can be a paid part of the team in a FRIGATE! Eve University has an active Incursion community that is always looking for more people to join. Taught by Nesomir Renalard.
18:00 - Fitting 101
An introduction to how to approach fitting a ship, touching very briefly on using EFT or other fitting tools to help you. Of assistance to all capsuleers that fly ships (well, unless you only ever fly Shuttles and Freighters) be they industrial, mining, or PvE or PvP combat. Taught by Tyera Azrael.
21:30 - Freighters 101
Tavion Aksmis will cover a broad range of information about freighters for those who own and use freighters or think they might want to invest in one at some point in the future.

Sunday, 10 April
19:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics
Professor Seamus Donohue once again awaits your game mechanics questions.

That's all as far as the current schedule goes. As always, all classes can also be found on
the EVE University calendar. For information on how to join EVE University, please see Applying to EVE University. If you wish to contribute to the University by hosting classes of your own, please see Joining the Faculty.

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