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April Player Meet-Ups

Image of April Player Meet-Ups

April is now finally round the corner and the biggest player gathering of them all is now just over 3 weeks away - EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik Iceland! This is the month that all EVE Players have been waiting for. But if you are unable to make it to the annual pilgrimage that is EVE Fanfest there are some other events happening this month where you can go a meet up with your fellow space friends.
Of course, you can find out more about these events via where you can also set up notifications about planned events in your area or create your own meets.
EvE Glasgow - Pre-Fanfest meet 2nd April (April 2nd 14.00)
Pre-Fanfest pub meet at the usual place The Hillhead Bookclub.
The Hillhead Bookclub, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Midwest Media Expo 2016 (April 17th 19:30)
There will be two EVE Online related panels at this years Midwest media Expo appropriarely entitled 'Yummy Tears'! More info can be found on the reddit post here.
The Midwest Media Expo, Edward Village Michigan Hotel, Detroit, Michigan, United States
Melbourne Australia Meet (April 16th 19:00)
Due to ongoing demand, another Melbourne meet has (finally) been scheduled!
Woolshed Pub, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tweetfleet Meet 2016 (April 20th 20:00)
Its time for the EVE Online twitter community's annual fanfest get together! t again! Same day, same time, new venue! The venue this year has been changed as the annual Fanfest #Tweetfleetmeet has outgrown its original venue!
Gaulurinn, Reykjavik, Iceland
EVE Fanfest 2016 (April 21-23)
This is the big one! EVE Fanfest is finally here, three days and more of nothing but EVE heaven as hundreds make the annual pilgrimage from all over the world to the EVE Mecca that is the Harpa. Will you be there?
Reykjavik, Iceland
EVE303 in Boulder Colorado (April 30th 14:30)
EVE303 is a CCP games meet up group. Come and join fellow players for conversations about in game politics, upcoming patches, game play mechanics, and other tangent topics.
Avery Brewing, Boulder, Colorado, United States
Fort Hood Area Meetup (April 30th 19:00)
A brand new EVE meet hosted by Kael Decadence from the Podside Podcast at the retro arcade Bit Bar.
Bit Bar, Killeen, Texas, United States
Do you have an event planned in the future? Have you been to an event and would like to share your stories all about it? Then get in touch with me via twitter @TiberiusStarGaz or via in game mail.

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