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EVE: Gunjack Coming to Rift and Vive for PC

Image of EVE: Gunjack Coming to Rift and Vive for PC

CCP's Gear VR arcade style shooter is to make its way onto PC. Sporting higher-resolution and improved graphics with upgraded audio the game will launch on the Oculus Rift on March 28 and later on this year the HTC Vive.
Executive producer of Gunjack (aka CCP Rouge) said in CCP's announcement today:

?We?re honoured by the reception Gunjack has had so far and excited to bring the game to new platforms, Our goal is to push the boundaries when it comes to VR and immersion, and we really want to bring this experience to as many players as possible.?

In the fast and furious pick-up-and-play shooter you take on the role of a turret operator on a Outer Ring Excavations mining platform tasked with defending the operation from a whole host of enemies. Many of the ships from EVE are represented here, from Frigates all the way up to Battleships.
EVE: Gunjack was a launch title for the mobile Samsung Gear VR back in November and has been a top seller on the platform ever since.
Having demoed Gunjack on the Gear VR at EVE Nottingham #3 I can personally attest to it being a fantastic arcade shooter taking inspiration from the side scrolling blast-em-ups of old.
But perhaps the best part of the whole thing it EVE: Gunjacks price tag which will come in at a very reasonable $9.99.

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