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EVE: Valkyrie Alpha To Close With A Bang!

Image of EVE: Valkyrie Alpha To Close With A Bang!

For the last month those lucky few who already have access to an Oculus Rift developer kit have had the opportunity to duke it out in the fast and frantic multiplayer of EVE: Valkyrie as Alpha players. But with the Rifts imminent launch in only 15 days the team at CCP Newcastle have been busy adding the final touches.
So after many hours of play-testing, CCP have announced that the Alpha will come to a close on the 12th of March at 1800UCT.
To celebrate, EVE:Valkyrie alpha players are getting together for one last battle royal! QuantumDelta on the EVE: Valkyrie forums posted some possible times for the grand event.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="752"] Click the image to visit the forum post[/caption]
Currently the most popular option for the event is the epic 6 hours marathon on Saturday 12th from 12pm noon until the switch is finally flipped on the server.

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