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Do You Make Propaganda? Get It In Game For Cool Prizes!

Image of Do You Make Propaganda? Get It In Game For Cool Prizes!

EVE players flying around space may have noticed a new feature - gigantic billboards! If you haven't you can see them in all their glory in a fantastic video below by Zaqq.

Unlike the old concord billboards these show a much more varied series of images and they give us a tantalising glimpse at their possibilities.
Earlier today CCP Falcon released a dev blog launching The Great Billboard Propaganda Contest. In it he writes;

Are you tired of seeing the same old Pax Amarria advertisement on every billboard in the Amarr Empire? Sick of the constant sight of those who?re on New Eden's most wanted list? Are you done with hearing about the latest flavor of Quafe?
Now is your chance to help enact change and your chance to see your corporation, alliance, coalition or just the general cause you fight for be displayed for the whole cluster to see on the billboards that line the trade routes, highways and backwater travel routes of New Eden.
With the March release we replaced every advertising billboard in New Eden with a new, more configurable version to which we can now send all manner of video content in order to enrich the immersion of New Eden and bring the universe to life.
So why not see what you guys can come up with and have a competition for billboard commercials?

This is a huge opportunity - no longer will the EVE propaganda we all know and love of alliances and corporations be restricted to the Forums, Reddit or Twitter, for the first time you will be able to get them in game where all can see it!
The competition will run until 23:59:59 Monday April 4th. You can send your entries as attachments to [email protected]. Be sure to including the following information:

  • Your character name

  • Your corporation name (and Alliance name if applicable)

  • Your full real name

  • Your age

  • Your full mailing address ? street, city, state, zip, country (this is for prize mailing purposes ONLY).

  • A contact phone number (This is required for the shipping of prizes via DHL).

Of course entries are not just restricted to Corporation or Alliance propaganda, you can also submit service advertisements, factional loyalty propaganda and in character advertisements.
Of course there are some rules that you will need to follow:

  • All entries must confirm to CCP's Contests Policy.

  • Submissions can be on any subject, so long as its EVE related and teen rated.

  • Real life video and photographs may not be used.

  • All visuals need to be from within the EVE Universe.

  • Copyrighted material may not be used.

And for the technical bit:

  • .webm format

  • 1024x576 resolution @ 30fps

  • Maximum length is 15 secs

  • Maximum filesize is 3mb

  • No sound (Billboards don't do sound, because there is none in space.)

  • Don't add any holographic effects as seen on current billboard ads ? CCP will add this.

Of course there is a great selection of prizes available to the best three videos -
1st place prize package:

  • 12x PLEX

  • Signed EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

  • Signed EVE: The Art Of New Eden Hardcover

  • A selection of five SKINs from the New Eden Store (two frigate, two cruiser, one battleship)

2nd place prize package:

  • 6x PLEX

  • Signed EVE: The Art Of New Eden Hardcover

  • A selection of three SKINs from the New Eden Store (one frigate, one cruiser, one battlecruiser)

3rd place prize package:

  • 3x PLEX

  • Signed EVE: Into The Second Decade Hardcover

  • A selection of two SKINs from the New Eden Store (one frigate, one cruiser)

In addition to this, there will be a fourth prize package, for best ?In character? submission. The prize package for this is:

  • 6x PLEX

  • Signed Limited Edition EVE: Source

  • A selection of three SKINs from the New Eden Store (one frigate, one cruiser, one battleship)

The three winning videos along with a few selected honourable mentions will be added to the game soon after the close of the contest. This gives you only a few weeks to put something together! So put your creative hats on and get filming!
You can find out more information and ask any questions you may have on this forum thread here.
Good Luck!
Images from Zaqq's video ">Eve Online: Citadel Construction

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